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Sunday, September 06, 2009

NWA Fusion Episode 4.5

This was a special match which they placed here, it falls in between Episode 4 and 5 thus the title of the post

Preston Quinn/Grail/Sean Denny v. Jefferson Early/Mark Bravura/Mike Booth

This was the best match of this particular run of internet TV. Really enjoyed the opening with the PQ team beating on the heels and your heel team doing some pretty amusing stooging. I didn't really get much of sense of Early, but I did enjoy Preston Quinn beating on him, the Hart Attack Clothesline/Spine Buster combo is especially awesome looking. Mike Booth wasn't in this match much, but he has a real redneck Negro Casas vibe to him, where you would rather watch him react on the apron then watch the guys wrestle in the ring. The match was based around Bravura v. Denny and while I did enjoy Bravura running away from him earlier in the match, the match fell apart a bit when they had their wrestling exchange. I am really not sold on either guy at this point. I do have to give Bravura points for the Fuller toehold though, it wasn't super smoothly executed, but that is a badass move.


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