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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fab Five WWE Matches of the Week 8/24-8/30

1. CM Punk v. Jeff Hardy Smackdown 8/25

I am pretty surprised that in 2009 the WWE can get a crowd that emotionally invested in a feud and a match. Really that kind of thing has never been something they have been particularly good at, but the end of this match had fans in tears. This wasn't the spotfest televised feud ending cage match we are used to. The cage wasn't used as a platform for spots, but a way to aggravate the violence. The fact that both guys were so busted up coming in really made every bump meaningful, the superplex really felt as brutal as any of the bumps in the TLC, and that was mainly because of the great job both guys did selling the damage. I don't love escape the cage matches, but I really enjoyed all of the struggling for escapes, parts felt like Cary Grant fighting on Mount Rushmore in North by Northwest. Finishing tying everything back to eye was clever and the post match promo and attack were awesome. Feud of the year for sure, and you have to give both guys a ton of credit

2. William Regal v. Christian ECW 8/25

This was the match I should have gotten for my 40 bucks on Sunday. God bless ECW for finally giving me the 15 minute Regal matches I have been waiting for ever since he came to the WWE. Lots of good stuff here, I especially loved Regal's armwhip off the ring apron to the floor. The finish was great too, Regal cheated to win, but it was kind of Christian's fault for losing his temper. That running knee to the temple is a hell of a brutal finisher. Christian has had a great in ring year so far, but here he looked like a guy in a great match with Regal, rather then a great wrestler on his own. Some nice bumps, but outside of the first collar and elbow tie up, he didn't look like he could hang with Regal on holds or stiffness. I am hoping we get a better individual performance the next time they hook up.

3. Finlay v. Mike Knox v. Dolph Ziggler Superstars 8/25

This was a really well worked three way. Finlay and Knox were really pounding the crap out of each other. I can't remember a Finlay dance partner who has brought it with him this much since Benoit. Ziggler's kind of ginger offense stood out really here, you really need to bring it more when you are in with those two guys I did like his bumping though, as he was flying around the ring and took a couple of really nice looking bumps to the floor. He was playing this kid of sneaky pussy, the kind of guy who will stand on the perimeter of a bar fight and throw a cheap punch when someone's back is turned. Getting caught in the ring skirt and smacked around really worked with the role he was playing, as did the finish. Still you watch this match to see Finlay and Knox beat on each other, which is something I could watch forever and will keep finishing high on this list.

4. Rey Mysterio v. Kane Smackdown 8/25

Rey is making a run at WOTY and this is another notch on his belt. This wasn't anything super memorable, but the fact that Rey could have a match this good with Kane of all people is damn impressive. Pretty much a classic Rey cat and mouse match, with a bunch of cool little evasions and counters. I really liked Rey diving into Kane's uppercut and the rana counter of the chokeslam. I see no reason why Rey didn't go over, and I can't imagine anyone wants to see the Kane v. Khali feud continue, still if I had to pick one wrestler in the world to carry someone useless to something good, it would have to be Rey Mysterio

5. Goldust v. Sheamus ECW 8/25

This was only about four minutes but was damn intense. Dustin is just amazing now, really one of the best comebacks I have ever seen. This reminded me of his 1993 series with Foley as it had the same out of control brawling and bumping on the floor. It is hard for a under five minute match to place on a list like this, now that the WWE is running 15 minute+ matches on every show, but if you are going to place, four minutes of crazy bumping and brawling will do it.


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