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Thursday, August 27, 2009

#11: Freelance

by Phil

2008 is a tough year to stand out as a highflyer. You can attend any podunk indy in any town in America and see random skinny dudes doing 450’s and Orihara moonsaults. If Flip Kendrick was around in 1998 he would be an indy legend who people would scour the earth trying to find tape of. Despite that awesome flying is still one of the coolest things to see, Freelance is the single most spectacular wrestler in the world. There are at least two jaw dropping moments in every match. There are a bunch of guys in Mexico who will twist and flip into the second row, but his gracefulness, speed and height is unmatched. He is also a tremendous rope runner, armdragger and ranaer, can work the mat and throw a great punch. Really a complete wrestler and a guy who should be more talked about amongst folks who like flashy shit.

Recommended 2008 Matches:

~w/ Fenix/Turbo vs. Fantasma de la Opera/Dr. Cerebro/Cerebro Negro (IWRG, 9/4/08)
~w/ Rey Cometa/Pegasso Extreme vs. Los Oficiales (IWRG, 10/2/08)
~w/ Rey Cometa/Pegasso Extreme vs. Los Oficiales (IWRG, 10/9/08)
~w/ Rey Cometa/Pegasso Extreme vs. Los Oficiales (IWRG, 10/17/08)

Career Recommended Matches:

~w Fantasma de la Opera/Multifacitico vs. Black Terry/Cerebro Negro/Yamato (IWRG, 12/1/07)
~w/ Tortugillo Ninjas 1 y 2 vs. Los Oficiales (IWRG, 10/11/07)
~vs. Avisman (IWRG, 1/21/07)

2009 Outlook:

He is probably going to drop a bit in 2009, has had some fun performances, but IWRG has really been focusing on other guys. He wasn’t even in the Rey Del Ring battle royal which he normally steals the show. It is possible that he gets a good program in the last third of the year, or his hair match with Dr. Cerebro surfaces, but I am guessing he falls out of the top 20.


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