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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NWA Fusion Episode 4

Basically all squashes this week, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, although not something I would want to watch everyweek

Horrorshow v. Landon Thomas

Thomas has a 2005 Shannon Moore look and a 1998 Shannon Moore offense. Last time I saw Horrorshow he looked kind of backyardy, but I enjoyed him here. Thomas got a satellite headscissors or two, but this was mostly Horrorshow. Horroshow has some good looking offense and this made me want to see him against better competition, which is exactly what it was supposed to do. I have been avoiding passing judgement on the commentary team up till now, but I officially don't like them Spencer Chestnutt thinks he is hilarious and spends most of the matches trying to get over lame catchphrases, while Cameron Turk spends most of the match reading off of Rev. Ray's old book of moves. Kind of makes me miss Rick O'Brian. They also need to work on their sound editing, as you can hear them discuss their commentary during the ring entrances "Which one is the GIft and which one is the Curse?" "I have no fucking idea"

CA Elliot v. Zach Hilton

Elliot is a big black guy who wrestles a little like a less roided Ahmed Johnson, sort of power wrestler with agility. Elliot threw Hilton all around the ring. I dug the slam onto the ring bolts and the backbreaker finish. I would actually like to see Elliot and Horroshow match up.

Da Nu Bluds v. Mark Anthony/Haitian Sensation

The makeshift heel team got some offense, but again it was a showcase for the tag champions. I didn't get a great sense of them, they have an amusing meth head gimmick, but their stuff was pretty pedestrian. They hit a couple of finishers on Haitian Sensation, and Anthony pulls Da Gift (or maybe Da Curse) out of the ring and brawls with him while Sensation is pinned. This caused this off mike commentary exchange "What the fuck was that, did he need to get his fucking heat back or something? That guy is training people?" Off mike commentary was the highlight of the show for sure.


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