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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fab Five WWE Matches of the Week 8/17-8/23

1. Jeff Hardy v. C.M. Punk SummerSlam 8/23

So surreal to see I guy I used to travel to Southern Pines NC to see, and a guy I used to travel to Edison, NJ to see headlining a PPV like this. This was pretty great stuff, none of the bumps looked smooth, everything was ragged and painful looking. The superplex on the ladder was especially cringe worthy. I loved Ross calling the match austere, I can't imagine anything more ostentatious then a wrestling match with six ladders, five chairs and four tables laying around the ring. I am not sure this is as good as the best of their non gimmick matches against each other, as they tend to be less about the contest and more about the individual moments. This did have some huge moments though which is exactly what you want.

2. Dolph Ziggler v. Rey Mysterio SummerSlam 8/23

Good, long back and forth match. Rey is on fire and for the most part kept this together. His throw to the top, moonsault off move was beautiful. Ziggler isn't there yet, he had some individually nice looking things, but definitely looked lost at points and a couple of things were slightly flubbed. I am hoping we see Rey move on from him though, as I think this is about the best these two can do. Still good shit, lots of nice near falls, and I bought the match being over a couple of times.

3. Mike Knox v. Finlay Smackdown 8/18

Nasty little brawl, Finlay is so great at these smash mouth type of matches, and Knox was right in the mix with him. Lots of nifty little touches to this match, Finlay's apron double dropkick move, Finlay pulling back the fingers of Knox to try to break the chinlock, a really nasty Knox knee to the kidney's, Finlay initial failing to fireman's carry Knox then gritting it out. This just felt like a violent fight. Finish was a little weird, as I wasn't sure why the ref was breaking the hold, but I am definitely excited to see these guys pound on each other for a bunch more weeks.

4. John Morrison/Hardys v. Hart Dynasty/C.M. Punk Smackdown 8/18

This was the better of the two pre-PPV six man tags. Mostly an opportunity to see the Hardy's together again which it did well. I remember comparing the Hardy's to the Rock and Roll Express back in the OMEGA days, and I am amused how Matt Hardy has really gotten the cross eyed, potbellied look of 90's Robert Gibson. I kind of like the Hart Dynasty despite myself, and while Punk didn't do much big here, he did do a bunch of subtle hateable things which I dug.

5. Rey Mysterio/Cryme Time v. Chris Jericho/Big Show/Dolph Ziggler Smackdown 8/18

In a better week, this wouldn't have made the cut. I always enjoy watching Rey, but the first part of this was pretty dull. I haven't watched a Cryme Time match in a while, but have read people talk up JTG, I was super unimpressed. It is pretty amusing that the WWE is filled with shitty 2001 indy highflyers now, JTG, The Colons, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, it is like an entire fed of Chris Devines. It was kind of impressive that JTG could do his Smokey Charmichael spots while wearing Timbs and Jeans though, I have to give him some credit for that. This did have a pretty hot finish run though, and the Big Show big right hand is a great finisher.


Blogger L.G Rod said...

My dad used to drive me like 3 and half hours to TJ to see Rey Mysterio tear it up. I was like.. 6 or 7.

7:01 AM  
Blogger EricR said...

Yeah, I had seen Cryme Tyme getting a lot of hype for their work over the last month, but they seem only slightly less shitty than they did 2 years ago. Shad looks less muscular. That's one thing different. He no longer punches with his hand wide open. That's something.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous i.m said...

So RAW is obviously the best wrestling show right?

I don't understand any of the Cryme Tyme praise, Shad Gaspard is probably the worst wrestler on Smackdown! and Kane is on Smackdown. At least the next fued for Jericho and Big Show is Henry and MVP which could mean MVP being like Matt Hardy in 07 where he's real good on one Show and terrible on the other (well still better than a whole slew of Raw)

1:04 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

Man I think Gaspar is better then JTG, he is a strong looking guy with a nice big boot, I will take that over Ruckus on Roids

1:26 AM  
Blogger EricR said...

Shad can also throw a good elbow drop 50% of the time. JTG has sub-Edge offense.

2:00 PM  

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