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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2018 Ongoing MOTY List: Ultimo Guerrero vs. Corsario Negro Jr. FOR HAIR!

64. Ultimo Guerrero vs. Corsario Negro Jr. FILLM 11/3

ER: Ultimo Guerrero is one of the bigger stars in modern lucha, who occasionally will show up to an arena to take an actual vicious beating. Corsario Negro is a big tubby guy with a physique that would stand out as tubby on the PBA tour, who apparently really values his 1.5" of hair. This whole thing opens with them brawling on the floor, and Ultimo getting battered with a crate and then stabbed in the head. Ultimo is soon bleeding, plentifully. Corsario really punches him around the arena, shots to the face and cool punches to the chest, even hits a great sneaky headbutt in the corner. Ultimo returns fire with some nice chairshots, hard but glancing. Corsario responds by bouncing a chair off Ultimo's head so damn hard that it ricochet's off Ultimo's head bones and hits a fan 10 feet away. Seeing that things have come to this, Ultimo returns the favor and pastes him with a shot straight out of 1999, that probably erased much of 1999 from Corsario's memory. This is definitely a lucha stips match. Corsario impresses the hell out of me with a monster tope, a real fast, graceful, heavy shot; and we get a series of big top rope moves and big spills, and a moment where I thought UG could plausibly lose his valuable (I assume) mullet. Bloody hair match is a match style with a pretty high floor anyway, but Corsario's beating and UG's sick enthusiasm made this one special.

PAS: For a guy who mostly bores me, Ultimo Guerrero can sure deliver in alternative circumstances. This was an old school small arena hair match. We get a bunch of blood, guys getting smacked with splintery crates, a big fat guy tope into chairs and some unprotected chair shots. The big reverse suplex and top rope powerbomb, which come off so trite when they are thrown out in the middle of the six hundred and third Volador Jr. match, really come off cool in a bloody hair match. Corsario Jr. felt like a guy losing his hair in a high profile match, and performing up to the moment. Fun stuff, and we really need to dig into all of Lucha.Tv's stuff, what a treat that Youtube gives us so much small venue lucha.


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