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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Slim J Has Picket Signs For His Wicked Rhymes

Slim J vs. Yahya PWX 1/19/19 - GREAT

PAS: This was a first round tournament match. Yahya is a big tubby black guy, who is green but super agile, and this was Slim leading him through a fun singles match. Yahya really got showcased, he has a great dropkick and really runs the ropes with speed. Slim was content to let him shine, but Slim did hit a great headscissors and some really cool matwork, including a cool section where Slim puts on a surfboard, and Yahya powers his way to the ropes. There were some moments of awkwardness from Yahya and I didn't love the finish, which kept this off of a MOTY list for me, but it was a good example of J leading a youngster through a match.

ER: Nice simple match with a somewhat unnecesary finish that just looked like an accident since they ended up finishing up anyway a couple moves later. Yah is a guy we've seen in CWF before and he clearly has potential, even landing his match with Movie Myk on our MOTY List the other year. This felt a little like a step back from that, but I liked a lot of the visuals of the smaller Slim scrambling and ducking around the big man. Yah's dropkick is really a marvel, looking as good as Slim's (of course any offense automatically looks better when Slim is bumping for it). Slim really has a Mysterio way about him where he makes a ring feel bigger, and really bounces around with impact. I love the distance he got when getting thrown by that big belly to belly, and love the way his body crumples on landing. And he's deceptively big, so he can lean into big lariats convincingly. His offense is always great and I LOVE his sneaky headscissors, he gets into it so smoothly and genuinely looks like he's throwing someone with his momentum, and I like how he went back to it for the finish and modified it into a cradle (that looked like it spiked Yah right on the top of his head). That whole non-kickout 2 count came off really weird, with the ref just stopping the count while Yah didn't appear to move an inch, and that kind of finish weirdly feels like it pops up enough that I'm never sure if it's a mistake or planned, but one thing is for certain: it always comes off badly. I like how these two match up, and I'm sure there's an even better match in them, but this was a fun start.


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