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Saturday, February 09, 2019

WOW - Women of Wrestling Episode 4 2/8/19

Beverly Hills Babe vs. Eye Candy

ER: It's a pretty amusing heel move for a white woman to be upset that a black woman is touching her hair, I assume this all started in an unseen backstage vignette where Lana and Amber asked to touch Eye Candy's hair "to see what it feels like". But that's about the only decent part of the match, and when the decent part of the match is a storyline that I made up, it's not great. They both work this like they had already had a super tiring 30 minute epic one minute in, both moving slow and selling exhaustion wayyyyyy too early. Babe has some good mannerisms but a lot of her stuff doesn't look great (though her backslide is really good), and Candy has great charisma but a lot of her stuff doesn't look good. I've seen both look better. The highlight might actually be Lana's post match promo saying she saved her from "mediocracy" and that Lana is the real star of the fed. I was impressed with Lana's delivery, no clue what she's been up to the last 20 years (vanity homemade jewelry line, I assume).

Jessie Jones vs. Stephy Slays

ER: I really liked this, a smart 5 minute match with Jones focusing on the arm and Stephy getting some nice comebacks peppered in. All of the early standing wrist control stuff looked good and the mat stuff was fun, Jones carries herself really great and picked up a ton of charisma from her daddy. Slays would get a nice crossbody and rana, but Jones would go right back to that arm, bending the wrist, dropping a leg on it, dropping a knee on it, and we got a fun nearfall where Jones dropped down but Slays shifted to get a roll up. The whole thing was real satisfying, I like what Slays brings as a babyface and Jones really should eventually be moved up to a top feud.

Holidead vs. Azteca

ER: This look like it had a generous amount of editing in spots, especially cleaning up an Azteca headscissors off the ropes. But this gets a lot better when it's just Holidead controlling things and powering Azteca around. Holidead sticks a nice tilt a whirl backbreaker, dug her forearm shots to Azteca's upper back, and she had a real nice avalanche. She also actually got into it with fans which more heels could did in their matches here. Holidead runs nicely into a cool spinning back elbow and takes a frankensteiner, and I liked Azteca's knee in the corner. None of Azteca's strike combos look good, but Holidead is really good at setting up offense for her. This thing could have been a royal mess without Holidead in there. They are giving support to the wrong babyfaces, really should have had Stephy get a win and stop backing Azteca.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Jungle Grrrl vs. Santana Garrett

ER: Tessa Blanchard really has the face of a woman who would send back her ice tea three different times. And this is clearly the best match of the first 4 WOW comeback episodes. The pace is quick and they don't bog it down with a bunch of stupid 3 person stuff, mainly kept it to singles match-ups until the finishing stretch. I especially dug the Jungle Grrrl/Blanchard segments, thought they matched up nicely and wouldn't mind seeing a longer singles match with them. Grrrl has that big pilates strength and she took a German suplex from Garrett like a lunatic, really a much bigger bump than I'd expect to see on WOW (unless they bring back the presumably deceased referee from the original WOW run), liked Garrett using an actual real headlock style bulldog on both of them, thought the sequence where Grrrl pushed Garrett off the ropes and rolled her right into a Blanchard cutter was really cool, thought Blanchard kicking out Grrrl's knee on the ropes was nasty and the chestbreaker that followed looked even meaner. This whole thing played out really well, and the silly double pinfall finish probably sets up a Garrett/Grrrl singles match that will doubtless be ruined by Blanchard. This was a strong way to end what had been a fairly lackluster show.

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