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Monday, February 11, 2019

This on Eddie Kingston's Wrist is Nothing

Eddie Kingston vs. Jon Davis Punk Pro Wrestling 5/6/18 - GREAT

PAS: Odd match. During the post match mic work Davis puts Kingston over as one of the greats, the northeast version of Davis, and how this was a dream match for him. This match was worked like a dream match between two tough guys, all frantic stiff strikes and big throws, but it only goes four minutes. Seems really bizarre to fly Kingston down to Florida (maybe he was there already for Impact tapings, but still) book him in a dream match and have it go shorter then most WWE Main Event undercard bouts. Still this was a pretty awesome four minutes. both guys really lay it in with forearm and chops and Kingston's selling can pump some life into strike exchanges. Davis has a couple of huge throws, including a great spinebuster and dead lift german, and his spinning powerbomb was nasty enough that you bought in ending a match so quickly. If you are going to do a sprint, let out the engine. 

Eddie Kingston vs. ACH AAW 9/8/18 - FUN

PAS: We start out with ACH jumping Kingston in the aisle and they have some pretty great crowd brawling. ACH tries to chuck Kingston over a balcony, Kingston drops ACH ribs first on the guard rail and smacks him in the kidneys and ribs with palm strikes. We get a great moment where Kingston gets in the face of some of the hipster roller derby girls who go to AAW shows. Really into this part of the match, and it provided the value in the match

When this gets into the ring, it gets very melodramatic, with ACH having a crisis of conscience about hitting Kingston with a chair, with Kingston daring him to do it, and be "just like me." Kingston is probably the best at this sort of Garagnoish emoting, but I couldn't really ride with him here. The whole emotional basis of the match is based around the idea of a street dude like Kingston being friends with a Weeboo dweeb like ACH, and I am not buying that one bit. Also ACH does his tortured "Am I a bad man, or a good man who does bad things" shit around a chair shot, when he had tried to throw Kingston off a balcony to his death five minutes before. Post match has Kingston threatening to murder ACH in front of his family, and ACH responding with a "we could never have this match in Japan" zinger with the Best Buddies making "oh snap" faces in the ring. Eddie tried, but he needs a dance partner and this match wasn't selling me on ACH at all.

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Anonymous mcf said...

Not disagreeing with your interpretation of the optics, but it's hilarious that the kayfabe of Eddie + ACH being friends is completely unbelievable when, in fact, they are really good friends outside of the ring. Wrestling is bananas.

3:13 PM  
Blogger timmy8271 said...

Kingston lives in Florida now I believe.

3:17 AM  

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