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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Rey and Psicosis are Playing MC's Like an Old Accordian

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Psicosis AAA 3/15/96 - GREAT

Cool hidden gem, as we get a handheld of a AAA spot show. With the hubris of youth both guys pretty much keep the pedal mashed down. We do get to see some matwork early, I especially liked Psicosis's reversal of a tapatia. Finish of the first fall was a little abrupt though as Psicosis just got done with the mat work, picked Rey up, hit a rana off the top, hung him in the ropes, legdropped him and tapped him with a sharpshooter, felt like they just wanted to move on. Otherwise the pacing in this match was good, we got a couple of big dives for a house show including a quebrada into some chairs, and a baseball slide headscissors. Really liked the finish of the tercera as Psicosis was rolling but just gets caught with a flash rana for the pin, really established Rey as a guy who can catch you out of nowhere.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Psicosis WCW 7/27/96 - GREAT

These syndie matches between the two are just like popcorn, disposable, delicious and easy to binge on. This was relatively early in Rey's run, and this was pretty much a Rey showcase against maybe his best base ever. It is a trip to watch early feather light Rey, when you are used to current solid Rey. He moves so fast in this match and the timing of his headscissors are just great. We don't see anything super nuts, although he does hit a flipping senton on that weird elevated WCW Pro stage. Psic hits a couple of nice powerbombs, but is mostly there to make Rey look good.

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