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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dick Togo's Killa Season Cam, No Lives Matter, Blam

Dick Togo v. Masao Orihara GUTS World 12/2/17 - FUN

PAS: This is an awesome on paper match, but it never delivers it's promise. Orihara, jumps Togo at the bell and the brawl into the crowd with Togo getting busted open. Orihara works him over until Togo gets an advantage and returns the favor and cuts Orihara. They then do this big punch and clothesline exchange until they both get KO'd. It is a cool match structure, but they never really deliver the intensity and execution to pull it off (which is weird for pro's like Togo and Orihara), it just feels like they are going through the motions. I mean you really should smash a guy if you want a KO finish, and this never felt like it got there. Still had some moments, but overall it was kind of a bummer.

ER: I liked this more than Phil, although I thought they probably needed a few more minutes to convey the kind of violence they were going for. This was a really cool, stiff body, hurts to bend down in the morning, old man brawl. Both guys are pushing 50 and I love a good old man brawl. I think the only real setbacks in the match were that we had some time spent in the dark where you can't really tell what violence was being inflicted on the other; for all I know they were doing some crazy stuff that would have easily bumped this up. At one point Orihara comes back from the dark bleeding, same with Togo. They may have been working a piranha death match, with all the killer fish stored in the dark. So we couldn't see some of the action in an already short-ish match, and the other setback was Togo not really bringing it at the same level as Orihara. Togo worked a lot of this like a young boy vs. a vet, really getting bullied around by Orihara. And Togo is great at that, as he always bumps big, so we had him bumping fast to the floor and taking a big backdrop and getting punched in the face, and Orihara continued his awesome "I can't bump much anymore so I'll hit you harder" brawling style, just kicking away heel to Togo's forehead, throwing great punches, big elbow drop; Orihara is basically healthy weight Abdullah the Butcher at this point, and I think he's great. So we had Orihara beating Togo down, and it was a good long beating, really building for a nice Togo fiery comeback. But when it came time for Togo's comeback, it didn't really explode like I was expecting. Togo is obviously good, but he used maybe too much of a "worked" style during his comeback, when the match was calling for more of an unhinged wild comeback. And because of that I don't think they ever really got to the point where the earned their KO finish. I couldn't call the match a bummer, there was too much great stuff that happened throughout - the first 90 seconds alone keeps this out of bummer territory - but it kind of played out like we were missing 7 minutes of the match somewhere (it's possible they went through a wormhole when they ventured to the dark parts of the building).


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