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Friday, February 16, 2018

2018 Ongoing MOTY List: Hechicero vs. Satanico

7. Hechicero vs. Satanico Lucha Memes 2/5

PAS: This is such a fun match up, Hechicero is clearly a huge Satanico fan, and sets out to bump like crazy to get the old man over. Match opens with Hechicero knocking Satanico off the ring apron and going for a tope, only to take out the ref. Satanico pounds him a bit including hurling him into a great posting. We get some mask ripping, some really heavy blows by Satanico and Hechicero being a total pinball. At one point he places Satanico in a chair and goes for a running dive over the ring barrier and eats it on ten chairs. I think Satanico may have lost some steam at the end (this was really fast paced and he is in his 60s) as the finish was a little flat. Still this was a total blast, and I really hope they do the mascara contra cabellera match they were teasing.

ER: This is the second time these two have met in a singles, and this match is a better version of their 2017 match. After seeing that first match I noted that Hechicero seems like a younger, modern Satanico, and that's no different here. You can tell he's a fan and he goes out of his way to put over Satanico's legendary toughness. Satanico isn't as spry, but Hechicero makes up for it by missing big, flying all around the ring (and ringside) and letting Satanico work his close quarter game: He may not be as quick as he was, but get close and he'll still wallop you (his punches to the chest are still one of my very favorite strikes in wrestling). The dive spot on the floor was great, with Satanico laid out in a chair, seconds from being obliterated, Satanico moves at the last minute, and Hechicero goes sprawling through every chair in the section. I thought Satanico slowing down towards the end played into the match nicely. He got a great nearfall with a high leveraged backslide (with ref reappearing to count the close fall), and fought over a couple other great roll-ups, but it's played up like his last bit of strength. Hechicero starts picking him apart, hitting a big springboard lariat, a springboard dropkick, throws Satanico into the corner and he stumbles on his way there, leaving him prone to take a running Hech knee to the back of the head. Satanico is in it until the end, always threatening to catch Hechicero, in the same way you know Fujiwara is never quite out of a match, but it's too much. Afterwards we get a mask vs. hair challenge and man would it be great to see Satanico in one last apuestas.


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