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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2018 Ongoing MOTY List: Fuerza vs. Demus

6. Fuerza Guerrera vs. Demus 3:16 Innova Aztec Power 2/4

PAS: Demus deciding he wanted to leave CMLL to have filthy brawls in warehouses can't be good for his overall life, but it has made mine better. This is a nasty brawl with both guys spurting blood. It is falls count anywhere, while I don't remember any actual pin attempts there is a lot of brawling around this dirty floor with open cuts. There are some real grim visuals like Fuerza biting Demus's bloody head while try to close his nostrils and smother him. The lucha exchanges were a little clunky, which isn't surprising consider how old Fuerza is, but he wasn't afraid to fly into chairs and bleed a bunch. Sleazy lucha indy wrestling at it's best.

ER: Jeez what a grimy little brawl. It's in a dank warehouse, it's dark so there are a couple bright lights focusing on the brawl (which makes it look like footage from a night raid on an episode of COPS), they bleed a bunch, and they attack each other's balls seemingly constantly, and a large batch of pork rinds gets wasted as a delicious weapon. Fuerza is officially a senior citizen, no need for him to be bleeding in a dirty warehouse while being assaulted by a bridge troll. But once the brawl around the warehouse starts it's impossible to look away. Demus beats him all around the arena, at one point literally grabbing Fuerza by the taint to keep him from getting away. I'm not making that up. Fuerza is walking away and Demus casually reaches up and under and just...holds him, and holds him longer than necessary. They punch each other into some really nasty tumbles through chairs, Demus gets thrown into a fan and practically armdrags him, they both knock a 10 year old down, Fuerza gets his mask ripped and pays Demus back by HOLDING HIS NOSTRILS SHUT while biting and ripping at his forehead. I have never seen that, Fuerza is a freaking monster. The stuff in ring never threatens to compare with the awesome violence that happened all around the ring, but it's good stuff, with Demus crushing him with his cannonball, and especially when the straps come down and Fuerza belts Demus, sending him down hard to the mat. The match finishing crab was sunk in deep and looked like something that should finish a match.


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