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Sunday, February 25, 2018

WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Live Blog

Bo Dallas/Curtis Axel vs. Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson

ER: Pre-show matches deliver more often than not, at minimum they give some guys who only get 3-4 minute matches a chance to stretch to 7-8. It starts like an 80s WWF tag as we get an Axel heel in peril section, with Gallows starting a "nerd" chant while punching him (I would have assumed Mojo Rawley would have been the one to get the Ogre gimmick), and Anderson giving him a weird jumping kick to the head. But things pick up when Dallas shoves Anderson off the top and he bumps to the apron, then we get to the part I want, a Bo Dallas heel control segment, and he drops some really great knees and cuts the ring off. Gallows hits a fine standing splash and Anderson doesn't have a great spinebuster but I'll always appreciate a guy at least using a spinebuster. This never amped up to a next level, but it was decent on a pre-show.

Elimination Chamber: Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks vs. Mickie James vs. Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville vs. Bayley

ER: Oh wow we're starting with a chamber match! I'm okay with that. I'm Team Rose in this one, and they better not do any shenanigans with her and Deville costing each other the match. Rachel mentioned she wanted to see some one spider monkey up the side of this chamber, and Bayley almost delivers the goods. Much better, obviously, was Deville just clotheslining Bayley right in the stomach, and Bayley brings a nice crumple sell. Totally called the Absolution double team section, and I'm also okay with that. Bayley is the right babyface to fight off both and both Rose and Deville can be great bully heels. And as I type that we get Rose slapping Bayley right into a Deville spear. Yes. There's also something cool about heels wearing white. Rose hits an awesome knee off the top, and Absolution are like two badass girls smoking in the girls locker room and then shoving around the valedictorian. Rose tags a face first bump into the buckles and Deville gets hiptossed into the cage, but Rose cuts low with a nice lariat to Sasha. Mandy gets eliminated first which is officially bullshit, though it lead to a cool moment of Bayley cutting off Deville with a knee. Bayley gets kicked off the cage by Mickie and takes a nice spill, and James hits the big Thesz Press off a chamber to eliminate Deville, cool visual. Booking is all screwy as we're left with Bayley/Sasha versus Alexa, making the last heel, and the smallest person in the match, the underdog. It doesn't help that Bayley/Sasha waited out the countdown without fighting, getting booed for doing so. But we get an awesome moment as Bliss escapes by scrambling up the cage, with Sasha catching her on a pod, and as Sasha helps Bayley climb up she then grabs Bayley's arm and stomps on her neck, knocking her off the pod. Yesss. Bliss commits to Twisted Bliss and bounces right off Sasha's knees, and Bliss has been great in this. Also, it's weird that these matches aren't Falls Count Anywhere. And it makes even less sense when Bliss hits Twisted Bliss outside the ring and tries to pin Sasha. And Sasha does an ugly reversal of Twisted Bliss, which is just her taking the move flush...and then sloppily rolling over into the Banks Statement anyway. The drama over the Statement was decent, but she's usually much better about setting them up. That took some steam out of the finish for me, but Sasha took the DDT as crazily as you would expect. This was good overall.

And MY GOD the Alexa turn during her post-match promo was FANTASTIC. She was full on getting the "You Deserved It" chants and tearing up and I was bummed out as I don't want face Alexa and they were showing little girls holding WWE Women's Title replicas and....then she yanked the rug out. The best.

Apollo/Titus O'Neill vs. Sheamus/Cesaro

ER: A school shooter apparently took the Crews from Apollo, which I guess makes sense? At least one elderly Republican changed something after the shootings. Was Apollo getting booed when he was working his comeback punches against Sheamus? I dunno. Something feels weird. But I like the Bar cutting off the ring. They're both good at giving Apollo hope spots, I think we've gotten four different moments of Apollo almost getting to Titus, getting closer each time. Cesaro has bumped nicely all match, to the floor, off a backdrop, taking a huge Titus biel, and he's always on point with saves. Sheamus almost slips climbing the ropes and the crowd starts laughing, but he recovers and mockingly wags his finger to say they were laughing too soon. But it totally works in kayfabe as he gets caught by Titus (Coachman actually picks up on this psychology, pointing out that he took time jawing with fans and got caught. Nice work, Coach), and I thought the match was just getting started but it ends shortly after Apollo hits a flip dive. This could have kept getting better with a bit more time.

There appears to be a mom in the front row with Road Warrior Animal facepaint. And the Andre documentary looks TREMENDOUS.

Nia Jax vs. Asuka

ER: I could see this match going either way, and I'm a big fan of both. Nia working as fast monster is so much fun, her twisting elbowdrop was killer, and I loved the sequence around Asuka grabbing for an ankle and Nia hoisting her into a bearhug (and running her into the buckles). Asuka is nice and tenacious and good at putting over the size difference (struggling even to lift a Nia leg for the pin cover), and Nia misses a banzai drop in the corner with tailbone shattering speed. Man she came down hard on that. Asuka doesn't roll enough to get missed by the senton, but she's cool enough that she just adds it into the match and starts selling her leg. The sudden finish kinda works and kinda doesn't, as the flash rana makes sense as Asuka kind of narrowly escaped with a win while only taking 25% of the match, but it didn't quite work for me just because I wanted a couple more minutes of match. Still, what we got was really good, Nia took a great ringpost bump to set up that finish, and the flash pin was well done. Post match rules too, as Nia wrecks a the timekeeper's barricade by using Asuka's body as a battering ram and storms out of the arena. Cool with that.

Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt

ER: Well we've all been more excited for a match. And the crowd is actually giving Wyatt some heat, and a decent crowd could make this work. And really this isn't bad. Wyatt locks on an early chinlock for heat, and it works. Usually chinlocks in WWE matches just take place on TV right before a babyface comeback, here it actually draws a reaction. I liked their brawling on the apron, both feed the other's spots nicely, and I thought the finishing stretch was nice and didn't overstay its welcome: Wyatt hit a big avalanche, tried setting up Sister Abigail, Hardy reversed and got kicked in the face, but hit the Twist of Fate. There were no surprises, but this was a fine house show match.

Hey, this Rousey signing is sure taking awhile. I usually like a good contract signing, but Rousey is the weakest part of this and it's more about sniping among the adults (which we probably expected), although Angle the informant was pretty amusing. And I did enjoy the Ronda/HHH interactions. HHH looks like the coolest possible Dana White and eats a suplex through the table well, but I really wouldn't have very high hopes for an Angle/Ronda vs. HHH/Steph match.

Elimination Chamber: Elias vs. Braun Strowman vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. The Miz vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor

ER: A Balor/Miz/Rollins triple threat sounds like just about the worst combo of all these guys, so at least we get 5 full unspoiled minutes of it. And they're having a boring triple threat match as if they weren't actually in a giant cage. This whole thing really isn't doing it for me. All men are down when Roman comes in, but nothing really noteworthy has happened. Everything has been really broad. Everybody is selling death WAY too early. Miz standing in the middle of the other four, all breathing heavily on their knees, went on so long that it really stretched believability. Literally seconds later they are all up and rope running, yet just seconds earlier they were all so famished that they couldn't make it to their feet while Miz played a call and response game with the crowd. This is pretty lousy. Michael Cole breaks out "Many people believe this has been one of the most evenly matched Chamber matches EVER." So I guess the verdicts are all in? "I've heard things. Many people are saying." This is sluggish. Braun catching Miz on top of a pod and smashing his face into the plexiglass, before tossing him onto everyone, was the first cool thing to happen in this match, 20+ minutes in. But cool is cool. This is - from memory - the clear worst Chamber match in the gimmick's history. Braun made it slightly more interesting, and Elias has made it better, but it is still nap city. Strowman is eliminating everybody so far, which is smart. At least they'll be able to make a cool Braun highlight package out of it, so it's not totally worthless. The Rollins frog splash was nice, and I'm very happy about it coming down to Braun/Roman instead of Roman/Rollins. Braun crashes through a pod nicely, and the fans are hating Roman as he takes Braun apart. I was happy when this ended. It defeated me.

ER: This was a real fun show with a real yawner of a main event. Nothing like ending a show with an absolutely flat 45 minutes. Hard not to put a downer on the evening.



Blogger Yerfuneral said...

Last ppv I got confused with tag situation it happens when you put both shows together in the same ppv. Glad to see Titus Worlwide getting there chance. Just wanted to apologize for that for what little it mattered.

Unlike the other woman's matches not looking to forward to this one. Just don't see the chamber playing much into a basically a 6 way match. We will see.

1) If the Balor Club is such a thing why have Gallows and Anderson disappear from the weekly show so often. Announcers try to explain it away which found slightly interesting. I prefer Revival but glad we didn't get Good Bros vs Revival part X.
Compared to most of the opening matches of the last year was a bit lackluster. Good to see both teams getting some action and time to play but felt to much going through the motions than the taking the time to show off. Maybe being part of groups they know long feud is ahead.

2) I forgot to mention the whole established teams of two also one of the reasons not exactly thinking much of this match.

We start off with my expected Bayley with one of Absolution. I went in to this as maybe a way to turn Bayley around with whatever an Iron Women would be for this match. Felt like did something for Rollins with the Gauntlet match so seems like a good opportunity to do some Bayley course correction.
Bayley is kind of surprising me. She is the one I thought would use the more extreme elements the chamber the least. Playing off the old angle of going extreme though she looked kind of surprised after smashing Deville maybe they are playing off that old angle. Is Bayley going to go heel?
Mandy Rose is the no surprise next competitor. With the Paige injury the life has been sucked out of Absolution. This beatdown of Bayley of course leads to Sasha joining things next. Surprised Mandy is the first of Absolution eliminated with Mix Match Challenge and general better crowd reaction than Deville.
Mickie James comes in and the old lady comes right out and uses the chamber right away. So I was wrong about chamber being a useless prop. Deville is gone followed shortly by James. Okay who is turning heel? Sasha or Bayley? Or they going to going to take out Bliss and have that match they keep saying they want?
Wow, I been surprised not sure if this has actually been any good or just had such low expectations. Like Bliss instantly turning into her coward role and using smarts to try an gain an advantage with the height. Well my earlier questions are answered with Sasha just straight out turning heel by throwing Bayley away when supposedly helping her get on top of a pod. So Bayley is likely out next after a stunning turn by a friend. Surprised at such a straight up turn rather than a happy accident and more build up. We have months to build until Wrestlemania so how many ways we going to see Bayley vs Sasha until then.
I barely remember last years chamber and the only chamber I remember before that was one saw live. So forget the rules and looks like we got some rules forgotten too with so many pin fall attempts and submission attempts outside. Is Alicia Fox buried in the subconscious of one of these ladies.
Yes, Bliss gets the win and gives an great promo afterwards. I been liking the black n white nature of Bliss of late and the post match interview just fed into that character more where it makes sense for a Nia Jax to finally get the shot they been teasing. Maybe that will be the slower build up to Wrestlemania. I can only hope.

Wish I could figure out the character limit. How about a Twitter like counter Google.

9:15 PM  
Blogger Yerfuneral said...

3) I like Titus Worldwide especially been liking the Dana Brook doing the Alexandra York in WCW role. I haven't liked how they all the sudden seemed to have the tag champs number with like 3 or 4 wins on weekly tv. Would have liked to see some mixing with Good Bros, Revival, etc to build up the stagnant tag picture. At least we finally move on from Rollins and someone not injured this week but don't see the belts moving from The Bar but we will see.
The Bar is being to dominating and putting on a tag clinic but Titus Worldwide is not feeling like they are going to comeback. Bit to one sided and the hot tag result was underwhelming, in my opinion. It didn't feel like a contest unfortunately.

4) Preshow they play like their is no history between these two I saw the NXT stuff. They seemed to ignore it and didn't put up any reason to make me believe Nia has improved in the year plus since they last met. What is NXT's purpose? You can put over Bayley, Asuka, etc being former NXT champs; but that is the only thing that matters?
The mask smash is kind of pointless without a scene of Asuka laid out. Insinuate an early bit of action to make me believe Nia has a chance. Especially at this point they only have established Nia seems to have a possibility at having Asuka's number because of sneak attacks. Maybe they stay away from sneak attacks because of the Kari Sane stuff at house shows.
I don't get it. Asuka is getting to much offense in. Nia stuff is doing nothing not stunning her one bit. They are doing the small guy vs big guy right but Nia's offense isn't doing jack.
I like Asuka but the storytelling of this made no sense. A wobbly Asuka doesn't seem right for what I just saw. Temper tantrum should have come before the match and we have never gotten a straight answer who Asuka will face at Wrestlemania they kept flip flopping about that during the preshow. Is she really going to face Bliss? WWE writers and bookers your storytelling with Asuka is off. I don't mean off the hook.

9:32 PM  
Blogger Yerfuneral said...

Not sure how much more of this show going to be able to catch live. Celebrity Big Brother finale is tonight.

5) I don't get this whole 'woken' thing. I missed TNA but it has done nothing to change my thinking Hardy is nothing but a nostagia act that is 'obsolete' in current WWE. Before this character showed up seen lots of talk about being woken on internet. Especially when it comes to politics so don't get it. Is Hardy a living internet meme? So is this Matt Hardy 4.0 or something?
Bray needs a posse haven't cared for him since we lost his flock. So two guys I don't care for so perfect crap match before the main event.
So both have teleport powers? Neither beat Nightcrawler, I am sorry. Back and forth affair crowd seems lit all the sudden; beach ball running wild? Yes, that is what it seems to be. That tells you right there how much people been caring for the build up for this feud. Why the announcers seeming to say more about crowd then the action. Are they trying to act like the madness of these two guys is spreading? Thanks Coachman you are 3 minutes later seeing the same thing. At least they are bit more creative then simple 'boring' chants.
Definitely a match needed the crowd to help sell it. Yeah they seemed more behind Hardy at points they cared but in the end I sure didn't care and announcers trying to explain the crowd was pathetic.
Now we follow this with the signing. Bathroom break time and think will just pause doing this since can't see being able to watch the whole Elimination Chamber match before I have to take a break.
Definitely hasn't been my kind of show thus far but looking forward to what the men's chamber match can build towards in the upcoming weeks.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Yerfuneral said...

Contract signing sets up what I assumed would happen. Rousey definitely needs to work on the promo's. Bayzler comes off wooden and robotic in NXT but Ember Moon comes off the same way so it is hidden a bit better. Angle flubs so kills delivery bit of a mess but she is going to RAW hopefully this means Asuka will move over to Smackdown and face Charlotte at Wrestlemania.

6) Yes, Elias still gets to do a song guess that is a benefit of being in the last pod to open can be first out to the chamber. Strowman perfect break up and a reason for Elias to get in his pod asap.
Damn hoped Cena would be one of the first three. Super Cena moment ahead? Reigns too escapes the starting three too. Guess both the Supermen going to get to do there thing at one point or another. Yawn at the thought.
So Rollins gets to meet right of the bat two of the competitors he didn't face in the Gauntlet match so early guess Miz and Balor are going to fall to Rollins to continue whatever they look to be building for him and Wrestlemania.
It is stalling all hell but kind of like Miz trying to create alliances. Makes sense to stall to get another heel but the only true other heel is the last one in.
Hey third guy instead of laying around try and guess who is coming in next and get a height advantage getting on top of their pod.
Not surprising Rollins owned at first and now we have Cena come out. Stop talking and start fighting or one of you guys on the ground start it off, please. You got four guys; still mostly one on one. The ladies mixed it up much better than this. Almost a double AA by Cena, Superman indeed. Other than Miz thrown into the cage we seem to finally have some cage action.
Two corner superplex the set up and timing is so silly am I watching ROH right now? Reigns may kind of look like Hangman Page but pretty sure this is WWE. The paces is so slow and now you have a game of duck duck goose by Miz. Get out of here.
If Stroman doesn't come in and just destroy everyone I may have to give up on this being even good. 5 guys in and not much happening and no one eliminated. Don't get it. Why even let Stroman wait for the countdown. Silly with so many acting like they are out of it have him come in kill them off.
Stroman finally in and it is slow as ever. I know their has been some injuries and such but their is to much protection and telegraphing. It just comes off pretty bad when you are inside a structure of death.
Miz finally eliminated just before Elias comes in. Why not just wait to get all 7 in? Guess they need an even number to finally pick up the pace a bit as we get a solid monster builder as Elias pulls a Moolah in a mens Battle Royal for awhile but decides to come in a bit early to get some pins but at least gets a solid showing of offense before Stroman recovers to take him out. Were back to slow one on one stuff.
Balor is getting a offensive run before Stroman takes him out too. My guess about Rollins getting those he didn't get in the gauntlet match is wrong and my pod destruction seems to be wrong too thus far.
So who gets an offensive run next? Though won't be as impressive with only three guys left so we get Shield vs Stroman which makes sense; but arewe going to get a turn between Shields like Bayley and Sasha? Of course as Rollins strikes first against Reigns.
Forgot Rollins didn't get Stroman in gauntlet match but frog splash off a pod just not enough and eventually eliminated by Stroman. only one man stands between him and a clean sweep of pinning everyone.
So Reigns vs Stroman part XIX or so. Cage finally being used as a weapon and one pod finally down. Leading to Superman vs Doomsday the comic book version not that Batman vs Superman and Doomsday wins it in the end. Stroman has the S shield tattoo so of course he was thereal Superman.
Sorry but the way they have built Stroman he needed to be tossed through all four pods okay 3 of the ods so Reigns could still be put through one in a post match temper tantrum.

Final thoughts this was not the ppv for me.

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave the politics out of it. Especially since you have no idea what you're talking about.

5:11 AM  
Blogger EricR said...

Tell you what, how about I continue writing about literally anything I want to write about, and you keep reading it and leaving whiny little political comments, would that be good?

7:02 PM  
Blogger EricR said...

And Martin! As always your comments are above and beyond. It sounds like you and I matched up a lot on this one, although I might've enjoyed it more (outside of that main event, which provided me with very little positive value). I'm surprised you didn't like Asuka/Nia more. I preferred Sasha/Asuka from Raw a month back, and I also think I'm a bigger Nia fan than most, but I liked this match. That match and Bliss in the Chamber match (and after the Chamber match) were my favorite things on the show.

7:04 PM  
Blogger Yerfuneral said...

When it came to that Asuka match you had the stipulation of if Nia wins she gets added to the Raw championship match. So was expecting a bit more of a monster or at least a semblance of do anything to win. Sneak attacks had been going well. So why not keep up with the bread and butter that's working.
When it comes to the big matches Asuka has shown a vulnerability where you wonder are you going to see history. Her RAW match with Nia made Asuka look like where she was more in danger than this match to me. In such danger she had to do something to injure and slow down the big woman.
In the Sasha match you preferred you had a good sense of danger too.
I was feeling to much of a Superwomen vibe with how quick Asuka would recover. There was no semblance of hurt or stun until the match was over. She would move on to next volley of offense so quickly. It was the complete opposite of how just about everyone was acting during the male Elimination Chamber.
I liked the submission clinic and Nia using her power to break it up. The power moves may have broke things up but no effect outside of that. I didn't have a minute of doubt Asuka was going over and shouldn't have that feeling with a ppv match or someone like Nia.
It was surprisingly short too.

3:57 AM  

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