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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Complete and Accurate Cain Justice

Cain Justice has had the most entertaining rookie year I can remember. Kind of mix of young Minoru Suzuki and John Tatum he mixes crazy submissions with hateable smirking and shtick. We are pretty early on Cain as he has only really wrestled for CWF-Mid-Atlantic. 2018 should be a big year for him, as hopefully he branches out and wrestlers other places. As always the matches will be split up to SKIPPABLE, FUN, GREAT and EPIC.


Cain Justice vs. Dirty Daddy CWF Mid-Atlantic 12/30/16 - GREAT


Cain Justice vs. Chet Sterling CWF Mid-Atlantic 1/21/17 - GREAT
Tag Team Apocalypto CWF Mid-Atlantic 1/21/17 - SKIPPABLE
Cain Justice vs. Dirty Daddy CWF Mid-Atlantic 3/11/17 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Montana Black CWF Mid-Atlantic 2/4/17 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Dominic Garrini CWF Mid-Atlantic 2/25/17 - EPIC
Cain Justice vs. Chip Day vs. Otto Schwanz vs. Smith Garrett vs. Aric Andrews vs. Trevor Lee CWF Mid-Atlantic 2/25/17 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Slade Porter CWF Mid-Atlantic 3/11/17 - SKIPPABLE
Cain Justice/Tripp Cassiday vs. The Insiders CWF Mid-Atlantic 3/24/17 - FUN
Cain Justice/Tripp Cassiday vs. Sandwich Squad CWF Mid-Atlantic 3/25/17 - FUN
Cain Justice vs. Darius Lockhart CWF Mid-Atlantic 3/25/17 - GREAT
Cain Justice/Keith Mac/Luke Grimes vs. Snooty Foxx/Vlad Boleshav/Cecil Scott CWF Mid-Atlantic 4/8/17 - SKIPPABLE
Cain Justice vs. Dominic Garrini CWF Mid-Atlantic 4/29/17 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Ric Converse CWF Mid-Atlantic 5/13/17 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Cecil Scott CWF Mid-Atlantic 5/20/17 - EPIC
Cain Justice vs. Mitch Connor CWF Mid-Atlantic 6/24/17 - EPIC
Cain Justice/Aric Andrews/Zane Dawson/Dave Dawson vs. Snooty Foxx/Dirty Daddy/Chet Sterling/ Smith Garrett CWF Mid-Atlantic 7/15/17 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Chip Day CWF Mid-Atlantic 7/29/17 - GREAT
Cain Justice/Dirty Daddy/Movie Myk vs. Frankie Flynn/Brian Carson/Evan Adams CWF Mid-Atlantic 8/12/17 - FUN
Cain Justice vs. Dirty Daddy CWF Mid-Atlantic 8/26/17 - GREAT
Cain Justice/Ethan Alexander Sharpe/Otto Schwanz vs. Dirty Daddy/The Proletariat Boar of Moldava/Ian Maxwell CWF Mid-Atlantic 9/9/17 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Jason Kincaid Modern Vintage Wrestling 9/16/17- GREAT
Cain Justice vs. "Tank Engine" Thomas Munoz CWF Mid-Atlantic 9/23/17 - FUN
Cain Justice/Ethan Alexander Sharpe vs. Faye Jackson/Dirty Daddy CWF Mid-Atlantic 9/30/17 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Number Dad BCW 10/8/17 - GREAT 
Cain Justice vs. Dirty Daddy CWF Mid-Atlantic 10/18/17 - EPIC
CWF Rumble CWF Mid-Atlantic 10/18/17 - EPIC
Cain Justice/ Stokely Hathaway/Ethan Alexander Sharpe/Brian Carson/Joshua Cutshall/Frankie Flynn/Philly Collins/Marino Tenaglia vs. Dirty Daddy/Jesse Adler/Cam Carter/Michael McAllister/Nick Richards/Mitch Connor/Darius Lockhart/Caprice Coleman CWF Mid-Atlantic 11/18/17 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Joey Lynch CWF Mid-Atlantic 12/21/7 - FUN
Cain Justice vs. Nick Richards CWF Mid-Atlantic 12/30/17 - EPIC


Cain Justice vs. Jesse Adler CWF Mid-Atlantic 1/13/18 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Ian Maxwell CWF Mid-Atlantic 2/10/18 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Cam Carter CWF Mid-Atlantic 2/24/18 - GREAT
Cain Justice/Ethan Alexander Sharpe vs. Nick Richards/Michael McAllister CWF Mid-Atlantic 3/1/18 - GREAT
Tag Team Battle Royal CWF Mid-Atlantic 3/17/18 - FUN
Cain Justice/Ethan Alexander Sharpe vs. Hurricane Shane Helms/Ric Converse CWF Mid-Atlantic 3/17/18 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Fred Yehi ACTION Wrestling 4/27/18 - EPIC
Cain Justice vs. Kevin Ku PWF 6/8/18 - GREAT
Cain Justice vs. Gary Jay Scenic City Invitational 8/3/18 - GREAT
Cain Justice/Mance Warner vs. The Carnies Scenic City Invitational 8/4/18 - FUN
Cain Justice vs. Dominic Garrini ACTION Wrestling 8/17/18 -GREAT


Cain Justice vs. Trevor Lee CWF Mid-Atlantic 1/5/19 -GREAT

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