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Sunday, April 01, 2018

2017 Ongoing MOTY List: Cain v. Kincaid

58. Cain Justice vs. Jason Kincaid Modern Vintage Wrestling 9/16

PAS: Cain Justice ventures out of CWF Mid-Atlantic (kind of, this show was at the CWF Sportatorum and had Stuttsy and CL Party on commentary), and has a banger with Jason Kincaid. Kincaid is a guy with fun looking weird offense, that doesn't always put it together in a great match. Justice is very John Tatum in this, getting flustered and irritated with Kincaid's shtick in a really amusing way, being a total dickwad, and breaking out some great offense. I loved all of the armwork, and Kincaid did a really nice job selling it. I loved how they built to the twist ending near fall, and Kincaid's roll up was a cool counter. I also like Kincaid trying to tap Justice, and how the commentators put that over as a big humiliation for Cain. Justice can do no wrong at this point.

ER: It's Easter so might as well review a match with dirty hippie Jesus. Kincaid is a guy I like, a real weirdo, like a wrestling version of when that guy from Korn quit the band to go be hippie metal Jesus and build homes in poor Indian communities. He's like a character in a Street Fighter game, you can even picture him in 16 bit graphics, in a yogi position making praying hands before the graphics morph him into a fireball attack. He has some cool offense, and bumps big, although I agree with Phil that it doesn't always get put together into a good match. It doesn't always depend on the quality of opponent either, sometimes it just doesn't work. Against our souther fried judo stooge, however, it works perfectly. Cain is perfect getting flustered by Kincaid, and Kincaid's dirty zen bounces off Cain perfectly. Even if it wasn't a great wrestling match-up (it is), it would be a good personality match-up. Kincaid is constantly one step ahead of Cain, until Cain catches his arm, and that remains a thorn for Kincaid the rest of the match. Even in the spots where Kincaid controls, he's really great at paying service to his left arm, and I really appreciate some of the showmanship (rubbing it between moves, slamming it into a turnbuckle down the stretch). I hate when Cain matches have a moment where someone lasts way too long in an armbar, and then doesn't even bother to pay it respect by selling it. Here they hit the spot and Kincaid was great at showing that even if he kept his title, Cain almost took his arm. Kincaid takes a couple big spills to the floor, but also a couple big spills into Cain (that cross town dropkick off the middle rope is great). We get an awesome nearfall when Kincaid hits a big stunner variation, and Cain gets his foot on the rope. Cain is really great at dramatic rope breaks, his ring placement is really smart, there have been a few matches where he looked far enough away for a rope break that I wasn't even thinking of it as an option, only to barely get part of a foot on it. Kincaid does have some goofy offense, but man is Cain great at making some goofy offense look great. The match finishing goofball Diamond Dust bulldog thing could have looked like a move that should not have ended a match, but Cain makes it look like it spiked him right through the mat. These two really blended nicely in a quirky way. Wouldn't mind seeing this run back.


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