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Saturday, March 31, 2018

2018 Ongoing MOTY List: Casas vs. Aramis

3. Negro Casas vs. Aramis Lucha Memes 3/11

ER: Hot sprint from the greatest live wrestling venue in the world. Casas don't care about no pesky January broken rib, he's gonna go go go against a flier half his age. Casas is molten lava in this match and matches up improbably great against a young speedster, really working as quick as I've ever seen him work. The fast armdrags are the early sign that they're going for speed, and they cram tons of cool stuff into 8 minutes. All the transitions were smooth, fast, and explosive. Casas had all these great high kicks to the face, like he was the world's tannest Rockette, great kneelift, big dropkick in the corner, slick small package reversal off a vertical suplex; I don't think Casas did anything out of the ordinary here, but damn was he working fast, like he had something to prove. Match peaks with Aramis landing a couple kicks on Casas and dropping him to the floor with a dropkick, and AS IS WRITTEN in an insane Coliseo Coacalco edict, "Every young flier must be chucked into a support post". Aramis hits a horizontal dive that goes vertical, sending Casas into the chairs and Aramis screaming into the post. My sweet heavens. A boisterous fan amusingly starts hugging Casas to see if he's okay (who cares about the guy that just crashed into a pole, right!?) and Casas breaks, laughing at the man's excitement while still paying service to his ribs. We get a couple solid nearfalls, a super cool rolling kneebar from Aramis, a gorgeous standing rana from Aramis that gets reversed into a powerbomb after he tries another, and we get Aramis returning the favor with a nice seated powerbomb. Aramis cannot escape La Casita (and my oh my was this Casita a real byoot), and Casas heaves through a promo after the match congratulating Aramis on what he put him through. This was as fast as I've seen any luchador work, ever. I really need to see a show at Coacalco. These jerks got the Casas sprint that *I* was supposed to see!

PAS: This was so good, Casas comes off a broken rib (which has to kill your endurance and effect your breathing) and works a just break neck paced match against some kid young enough to be his grandson. Nothing unusual about oldster luchadores having great matches, but how in the fuck does a 58 year old man work this kind of sprint, Casas looked like 22 year old Juventud Guerrera for shits sake. Aramis is obviously a little green, but I though he was pretty great in this, landing some awesome leglocks, which Casas would counter beautifully, he also breaks out a nutso tope, right into the stantion, and crushing Casas into the seats. Finish was super cool too, with Aramis making the fatal error of trying to Casita, Negro Casas and Casas rolling through and wrapping him up with a gorgeous Casita of his own. Absolutely loved every second of this.


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Blogger John Belt said...

i loved this match too.All shows from Lucha Memes should be streamed especially from Coliseo Coacalco.

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