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Friday, March 30, 2018

Lucha Worth Watching: Cuatrero/Angel de Oro!

Cuatrero/Negro Casas/Ultimo Guerrero vs. Angel de Oro/Volador Jr./Atlantis  CMLL 3/9/18

ER: Hot sprint building up next week's mask match between Oro and Cuatrero, with the two of them getting super loud crowd reactions with some mask ripping and mask removal, Cuatrero blatantly pulls Oro's off to lose the primera (with Oro returning and flying off the entrance balcony) and Oro getting a huge reaction when he rips Cuatrero's in the middle of the ring. I've never seen Oro appear so interesting. The other four aren't as important to the match, but all make solid cameos. Casas is back from his rib injury and looking energized (and he's so tan that I assume he's going to start working as Chief Jay Casas any day now), UG took his big Jerry bump to the floor, Volador came in with a huge springboard rana, Atlantis and Casas have an old guys showdown, all fun noise. Oro has never made an impression on me, Cuatrero is my favorite Dinamita, and I am suddenly more interested in their mask match, all in about 7 minutes of work. Well done. You all thought this was gonna be the mask match write up. That's coming next.

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