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Monday, January 22, 2018

Mesias Can't Count How Many Heads He Had to Sever

El Mesias/Electroshock v. Blue Demon Jr./La Parka AAA 8/9/15 - FUN

ER: Mesias coming out victorious over the Turks in the Vlad Dracula armor is one of the absolute coolest entrances ever. Juxtapose that with Demon coming out to modern Red Hot Chili Peppers and...yeah. And I actually quite liked this. Demon/Parka is a team of stiffs if ever there was one, but Mesias is great at dragging stuff out of Parka, and he does here. He baits him into a nice punch exchange (Mesias' overhand rights are some of the best in wrestling), brawls with him over the railing and into the crowd, eats a tope by safely catching Parka and slamming hard into the barricade; Mesias bumps big throughout and makes Parka look tough. Electroshock is a guy who is always a bit better than he seems. He's a guy that nobody goes out of their way to watch, but always comes off like a competent not-as-good Mesias when I do see him. He feeds Demon nicely here; I liked their opening older man lucha segment, working as smaller guys, rolling up into armdrags, and I liked their finishing run with Electroshock breaking out a big powerslam and powerbomb, before Demon taps him with a nice octopus. I think this was given just the right amount of time, didn't have that typical AAA overkill, and all guys complemented each other nicely. A nice little carry by Mesias/Electro.

PAS: Mediocre match, but it had it's moments. I really loved the initial Parka v. Mesisas section where they take the lock up all the way into the crowd. I would assume these two had a singles match, and I need to track that down as I imagine it is a fun budget version of Mesias v. LA PARK. Demon looked like Demon, but he didn't do anything egregious, and I liked his head scissors. Messias also hit a nice spear, still this was pretty forgettable overall.


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