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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Matches from IPW:UK Supershow 6 1/22/17

ER: A week back I asked twitter for recommendations on some 2017 guys who have maybe flown under my radar. CCK was the first name mentioned. A lot of their stuff is behind the Progress paywall, so I first tracked down a match from a few weeks ago with CCK vs. Jack Evans/Angelico. It featured an 8 minute dance contest. I did not write that match up. I saw Floslam had this show so figured I would give them another crack...

1. CCK (Chris Brookes/Mondai Lykos) vs. Project Lucha (Martin Kirby/El Ligero)

ER: ...And it is safe to say at this point that I can put CCK firmly in the "...but not for me" camp. There's a chance Gershwin wrote that song about skinny white fake luchador comedy workers. Lykos is the same as any masked indy goof you've seen and grown tired of years ago. We've seen Brookes before in the Tetsujin shootstyle tourney, and while he can be salvaged he is still just as much to blame with junk like wet willie spots (which are apparently signature offense as he did the same spot in the same way in that Evans/Angelico match). Ligero is your other breed of masked indy goof, the kind that doesn't do overt comedy, just has strikes that are bad enough to be comedic. Kirby is your Martin Stone-type who added a couple nice things to the match but wasn't ever going to be enough to save it. I liked Kirby/Ligero's backpack senton (that's a great double team spot), and I liked Kirby's kneepad (with Nintendo's Kirby), and the Gory special > blockbuster is a perfectly fine team move. We tried something new, it didn't go well, and I only feel slightly tricked.

2. Matt Riddle vs. Ryan Smile

ER: I hate Riddle against opponents like these. Smile is basically British Shane Strickland, and Riddle is far too generous with these types. He always lets them have 2/3 of the match and the other guy always looks terrible. There were things I liked, such as Riddle's crazy high senton that saw him bounce off of Smile and land on his feet, and dropping down into the bromission while Smile tried a suplex looked really cool. But we get an interminable moment of both men running back and forth to do strikes at the opposing turnbuckles, a slap exchange, ugly split legged moonsault from Smile, and overall the stupidity of Smile's strikes being treated totally on par (if not stronger!) than Riddle's, which is just lame.

3. War Machine vs. London Riots (James Davis/Rob Lynch)

ER: Damn, these guys are nuts. This started as a wild hoss sprint, settled into a traditional tag, bad into hoss sprint, into some overkill, and probably went too long. But it's crazy that 4 big ass dudes can take a match this long and still be doing huge slams and dives that late into a match. Both teams throw some big bombs here, they work some nice misdirection with Hanson accidentally getting blasted by a jumping knee that allows the Riots to take over. I was a big fan of all these exchanges, Rowe especially has always impressed me, throwing great rights and having fast twitch speed. We get big boots, a big belly to belly, and hings ramp up awesomely when Davis goes for a dive and Rowe somehow catches him. That's insane. And as I'm soaking that in Lynch crushes both of them with a huge flips dive. Hason gets bodyslammed onto Lynch, Davis hits a senton off the apron, this is now a 285 Live match. Lynch eats a nasty german suplex/middle rope clothesline combo, landing right on his shoulder (which he sells effectively and subtly enough the rest of the match that it appeared he actually hurt his shoulder), Rowe hits a gorgeous snap german, Hanson's stuff doesn't always look great but I loved his bombs away/bronco buster combo, some of the double team powerslams we get are insane, Hanson hits a meaty tope down the stretch, just a bunch of craziness. I do think it went to long and it seemed to peak early, but I was impressed at all they were able to do.

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Blogger Davey C said...

Ah, shame that CCK ended up not being your cup of tea. I agree they can be a touch goofy, but I really like their chemistry and the interplay between Brookes and Lykos. The way Brookes sort of hates Lykos, but also doesn't want anyone else hurting him works for them, even if they are heels 99% of the time.

Still, at least it lead you to the Riots match, so my suggestion wasn't a TOTAL waste of your time

12:14 PM  
Blogger EricR said...

I truthfully didn't get a lot of those parts of their relationship, the fact that Brookes hates Lykos but is protective. And I recognize that the matches that you wanted to recommend are behind the Progress paywall, so please don't read this as a total closed door in the future. From what I watched, though? Not my thing. But don't let it prevent you from recommending things in the future. I always like to know what's out there, even if I end up disliking it.

I think War Machine and London Riots have both gotten better since I last saw them, so it's always worthwhile to keep opinions fresh and updated on guys.

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What progress matches? They don't make their in-ring debut for another month.

1:20 PM  
Blogger EricR said...

Yeah I have no idea. I believe the person who recommended I check them out said a lot of their matches weren't available without a subscription, I wrongly assumed it was Progress as I know people who subscribe to them. I know little about these British indies, who works where, etc.

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of their hyped stuff is for ATTACK and Fight Club Pro which are on Vimeo.

1:59 PM  

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