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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Black Terry is a Ship Lost at Sea in this Ocean of White

Black Terry/Romano Garcia v. Dr. Cerebro/Solar Gimnasio Hercules 5/21/17 - FUN

ER: Not the full match sadly, though it feels like we got most of the working parts, with the cuts being mostly during move breaks and tag outs. I'm mainly happy about Garcia making tape as I haven't seen him in a couple years, still works just as well as he did last I saw him. The former Mr. Condor matches up great with Solar and I like the pairings with Cerebro as Cerebro is basically a younger (not young), better Garcia. Cerebro feels like the best luchador who still doesn't get talked about a lot. The Navarro/Terry stuff gets written up far more often by those of us who write about old guys, and here Cerebro is, a mid 40s youngster by comparison, but still flying questionably below the radar. It's not hard to picture him dropped into Hechicero's role in CMLL. His ropes offense is creative and executed impressively, he and Garcia does some really nice quick exchange stuff. It's cool to see Solar up against a non-Navarro guy, watch his nice leg and arm drags against Terry, Terry takes to working him really smooth, all nice stuff. I loved Garcia having the stones to rush in on Solar and immediately work a submission, tying the old master into a couple knots. It backfired eventually and Solar paid him back with a stiff backbreaker, and I liked how Solar was working a little out of formula. Short, inconsequential match, but fun.

PAS: Solar is sort of looking his age at this point, every time he takes a bump to the mat it looks like it might be his last, he can still wrap someone up in knots though, and the Terry exchanges may have lacked pep but they were technically sharp. I really liked the team of Garcia and Terry, pair of mean old dudes who can still clear out a bar. I was really impressed with how fast Garcia was in his exchanges with Cerebro, and this made me want to see Terry and Garcia in a brawl either against each other or against some young punks who need comeuppance.


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