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Saturday, May 20, 2017

All Time MOTY List Head to Head: Onita/Goto v. Kurisu/Dragonmaster V. Rougeau Brothers v. Super Medicos

Rougeau Brothers v. Super Medicos WWC 7/7/90

PAS: This is basically the Rougeau brothers running through all of their classic heel horseshit while being pelted with a hurricane of puerto rican fan trash. Jaques does a kip up, gets pelted by greasy Wendy's bags and soda bottles. Raymond an Jaques hug and beer bottles and poop diapers rain down. Medicos had some nice punches, but this was all about the Rougeaus enraging the fans right up to the edge of violence.

ER: Yesssss I had no idea this was a thing!! I never realized the Rougeaus worked Puerto Rico, let alone still decided to work a lot of their bullshit. I have no idea where the fans even found that much throwable garbage. At one point a kid throws 8 straight items without stopping to ready them. He just had 8 things, ready to throw. The Rougeau's mere existence drives these people insane, Jacques' kip ups couldn't have been higher arcing or more obnoxious, Raymond's distractions couldn't have been more drawn out, Jacques plants a super high kneedrop onto the back of a Medico neck while Ray had him in a crab, and Jacques probably found out right afterwards just how many people in the crowd had expired A batteries. Both Rougeaus take tons of back bumps into garbage and  exchange several comforting hugs without flinching from garbage, and both of them get the fuck out of Dodge post match when a chair gets hurled into the ring. God bless this.


PAS: Both matches are super heated tags, but your FMW match is also sickeningly violent, and that will take the cake every time.

ER: I love so much that this exists, and know that it's impossible that whatever payday they got made it worthwhile, no matter how good their mofungo dinner was. But the FMW tag not only had the special weirdness of this match (with every man wearing the worst possible ring gear - except for Onita), and the FMW match had unprofessional violence and the feeling of a deal gone wrong. Wonderful challenger, but champ retains.

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Blogger Discotortoise said...

I really think that only a Dandy match can beat the FMW tag at this point.

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