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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Yeah Come Holla At Ya Uncle, Dick Togo Understands He's Back by Popular Demand

Dick Togo/Antonio Honda v. Yasu Urano/Guanchulo DDT 7/3/16-GREAT

LOOK WHO'S BACK!! Dick Togo returns from wandering the earth like Caine and is back doing what he does better then anyone. All of the regular DDT guys looked fine, their stuff is a little showy, but Urano had some nice looking shots including a great foreamr smash. I always liked Honda's Lawler punches and he took a good high backdrop. Still Togo was the star, landing everything with precision and not missing a step. I especially loved his casita which he rolled right into a crossface, just an awesome bit of business. We got to see that floating senton which was gorgeous. This was more of a showcase and a return I am really excited to see what Togo will do next.


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