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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dick Togo Can't Even Mention What He Sent or What He Spent

The Great Chile/Hellspawn v. XL/Limite XNL 6/3/12-GREAT

The Great Chile is our boy Dick Togo working a Great Muta gimmick, he basically wrestles the same except for a green mist and changing his fist drop to an awesome looking diving chop drop. Togo is one of the most graceful wrestlers ever, and his fast rope running section was almost as pretty with XL as it would be with the Great Sasuke. XL was recently Alejandro Saez in the WCC and was similarly bouncy and full of energy here, had a really nice springboard dropkick and asai moonsault, I liked Hellspawn more, but I can see how he ended up with WWE shot. Hellspawn rocked in this, his mat section early with Limite wasn't great, but he started chucking people with dangerous suplexes and was all in, I don't love Taz, but I am going to enjoy Chilean fake Taz.


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