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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2016 Ongoing MOTY List: Terry v. Aero Boy Mascara contra Cabellera

5. Black Terry v. Aero Boy Tulacingo Lucha 6/10

PAS: This is a apuestas match the way it should be, seedy dirty gym, both guys bleeding and getting dirt in open cuts, nothing slickly produced or fancy, just a nasty bit of business. Terry is still a great brawler, Aeroboy jumps him in the aisle but Terry takes over and posts him and cracks him with a chair shot. He rips the mask and digs a piece of broken plastic chair into Aero Boy's head Abby style. Aero boy takes over when Terry dives off the ring apron right into a thrown chair, which is a crazy pants spot for an old ass man to take. Terry gets busted open as well, and we get some great visuals of Terry as a broken bloody old man fighting for his life. Finish run was a bit sloppy, with Terry kind of blowing a code red, but it had some great moments too. Aero Boy was game, but a great example of how Terry can still bring it.

ER: Wow this was good. I guess I shouldn't be too shocked because Black Terry, but wow this was good. Terry comes bursting out to Judas Priest and starts lacing right into Aero Boy, stiffing the hell out of his and beating on him with an unforgiving metal charir. It's a dim scummy little room and there's no place I would rather be seeing this match right now. Aero Boy hits a crazy tope that sends both me sprawling into stackable plastic chairs, and also into a 4 year old boy who starts crying out of fear and confusion. And then the camera weirdly reveals how deep the room is, as bodies start appearing out of the darkness and suddenly it looks like David Lynch filming scenes for Fight Club. Terry is such a savage in this, lacing into Aero Boy with stiff kicks and chops, ripping his mask, dropping one of the best elbows you've ever seen, stabbing him with busted plastic. Aero Boy is effective at everything he needs to be effective at. His screams the first time Terry stabbed him were legitimately chilling. The way the room looked combined with the gritty camera (BTJr. even filmed the stabbing with the camera on its side, as if the camera was a passed out voyeur witnessing the terror), and the sound of Aero Boy's screams made Terry look like an absolute sadistic monster, and made for great moments whenever Aero Boy would stage a comeback. Terry leaping off the apron into a thrown chair from Aero was just absolutely crazy, looks like a good way to tear all sorts of muscles in your body and throw everything out of alignment, and here is old man Black motherfucking Terry just taking that wild leap. BT bleeds and just makes me miss blood in lucha matches. Aero Boy kicks him in the face in the corner and Terry has no problem making the kid look good, and in the end Terry returns that scream as Aero boy locks in an armbar. I really loved this from the first second of the match, the whole vibe of the thing immediately made me think "who could not 'get' lucha!?" This feels like something that believers and non-believers alike would love, something that would rate high on any of the 80s sets. So, so good.



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