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Monday, June 13, 2016

2016 Ongoing MOTY List: Cerebro v. Hechicero

Dr. Cerebro v. Rey Hechicero Primavera Caliente 4/9

ER: This is one of those awesome kind of finds that you have to know have been happening for years all throughout Mexico, it's just that now we have the technology where some guy standing in the crowd can tape 14 minutes of awesome wrestling that otherwise wouldn't have been seen. And this is really good, so thank you unknown friend from down south. Both guys here just go go go, working quick on the mat and then doing standing exchanges that look sped up at some points. Cerebro is as good as ever and Hechicero just excels at these kind of unica caida indy matches in front of 40 people. I loved the thread of legwork worming its way through the match, and I love how (well, except for the sudden and kinda garbage finish) neither guy let the other get away with anything on the mat. If Hechicero was taking too long setting up something complicated? He'd be getting kicked. Every roll-up or submission attempt was setting up the aggressor for a possible reversal, and we get all sorts of that with sunset flips turned into ankle locks and school boys that end up with a caught arm, everything lead to something and the fluidity was really fun. These guys are arguably even more fun on their feet and both have some fun show off moments. Hechicero does his Backlund lift and parades Cerebro around, allowing Cerebro to roll through into an armbar. Later on Cerebro hits a sweet springboard dropkick and follows up with a killer crazy tope. I love how these guys match up. Sadly, the finish was the only thing I disliked as Hechicero goes to set up a kind of Nieblina pin, crossing Cerebro's arms and hooking his legs. But it kind of went against everything the match had established where a guy lingering too long on a sub would pay for it. Cerebro even easily kicked off Hechicero when he earlier attempted this same move, here he just kind of lies there and even offers up his legs when Hechicero can't reach them. Still, overall the match slayed.

PAS: I loved almost all of this. The matwork had all of the skill and beauty of the best Navarro and Solar stuff, but with athletes in their prime. I also loved how Hechicero would use his power, he would counter Cerebro with these huge throws where he would just muscle Cerebro up and hurl him through the air. He felt almost like a lucha Cesaro or Scott Steiner. Cerebro was great too, he is sort of a power wrestler normally too, but he was outsized here, so he used his speed and elusiveness, hitting cool headscissors and a great tope. I was going to make a #1 argument for this up until the finish, what a bummer, it looked blown and awkward and didn't fit with the finish at all. I am not sure who messed up, but it was really badly executed in a match where the execution was otherwise perfect. Cut the video at 13:06 and pretend WCW Worldwide went off the air.


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