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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Lucha Worth Watching: Hair vs. Hair!! Besos! Bumps!

Rush vs. Maximo (CMLL 3/18/16)

I love big time stip matches in lucha (even if it seems like CMLL has been doing a LOT of them in the past year+), and Rush knows how to bring big drama better than maybe anybody in lucha these days. Rush's hair has to be seen as the biggest trophy in all of lucha at this point, and he knows it. This match is worth watching just for the ways Rush flips his hair and puts it back in a bun. There are few appropriate situations to break out a hair taunt, and Rush seems to cover all of them. A couple things hold this back from being really really good: Maximo got a little steamrolled. He only won the first fall because Rush threw the referee while he was beating down Maximo, and while he got plenty of offense in the tercera Rush still dispatched him rather easily and never looked in serious danger. Also, Super Porky was flat out embarrassing as Maximo's second. During a big moment where Comandante and Porky fight at ringside over their sons' fallen bodies, Porky comes off looking like a drunk who's seeing two of Comandante, and he's fighting with the one that doesn't exist. During their strike exchange Porky whiffs on everything, and when the ref breaks it up it seems more like a mercy killing. Porky still probably gets more love on this blog than anywhere else. Usually a Porky performance ends up landing on our MOTY list every year. But damn did he look bad here. The rest of the match was really good though. Rush is awesome in these kind of matches, not only the presence he brings, but the ramped up stiffness he brings. Here he plasters Maximo with awesome dropkicks, stomps all over him, tosses him with suplexes, and then occasionally soaks up the cheers of his fans, slaps fives, lets people touch his hair, steals a swig of their soda (or other?), and then goes back to beating Maximo's ass. Maximo gets his great comeback and starts hitting topes. Rush wisely pulls the Comandante in front of one of them, and Pierroth was an awesome second in this. Rush also manages to somehow survive three consecutive kisses FROM A MAN! and both men were amusing setting them up. I especially loved Maximo tugging Rush's hair to bend him backwards before planting an upside down kiss on him. But Rush keeps his glorious flowing locks. I personally hope he never loses them, or they at least wait until someone super deserving comes along, and then they realllllllly build it up properly. I know that's asking a lot from CMLL, but Rush's locks are practically Santito's mask at this point.

Negro Casas vs. Volador Jr. (CMLL 3/18/16)

Two big hair matches on the same show feels a bit much, but the loud and full crowd tells me that I am incorrect. And while I strongly detest the move trading atmosphere and CMLL big match structure, there is extra drama when a full head of hair is on the line that I cannot deny. Casas is on fire and you can see that from the first move of the match when he cuts low with a brutal left arm lariat. That follow through looked like it took Volador's head off. Both guys have some big moments and clearly tried to have the biggest match possible within CMLL's maligned structure. Casas tried playing catch up to the younger man, breaking out a couple of Volador style ranas (though one doesn't go well and has to get awkwardly redone), and both guys bump big for the other. Casas taking that sunset flip powerbomb to the floor was disgusting and only made his eventual head shaving even more heartbreaking. I also really loved Mephisto as Casas' second. He was awesome at firing up the crowd and currying favor, really doing all the great mannerisms you'd want from a second in a large match. I loved when the camera would do large cutaways to show the impressive crowd, as you could always see Mephisto off by the ring barrier trying to fire up fans. CMLL and lucha in general is always a cut above when the crowd is hot, and this show was no different.

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