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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

He'd Search His Soul, and Gamble With Death, The Rebel Black Terry

Black Terry/Romano Garcia/Dr. Cerebro/Oficial AK47/Comando Negro/Oficial Fierro/Cerebro Negro v. Rocky Santana/Robin Maravilla/Sadico/Yakuza/Herejia/Rambo/Terry 2000 AULL 5/15/11-GREAT

Cibernetico matches when done well are the ultimate popcorn matches. Nobody is in the ring enough to build anything too layered, but a bunch of guys get a bunch of chances to do cool stuff. Everyone in this match looked good (outside of Herejia who had an awkward moment or two), however there were some real standouts. Romano Garcia was a late replacement on the IWRG team, and why the fuck doesn't he work IWRG normally? He was totally awesome in this as one of the grumpy old maestros, he may be the fastest of the over 50 luchadores and threw some nasty shots. Black Terry wasn't going to be outdone, as he had a bunch of great exchanges with Santana, Yakuza and Terry 2000 and was dropping backcrackers left and right. Sadico was ripping off fast armdrags and headscissors and hit an absolutely insane tope con hilo. Terry 2000 got the win and he really looked awesome. Very little AULL shows up on the internet, but is a guy who looks great every time he surfaces. All of his exchanges looked great, he threw a crossbow bolt of a tope and his finishing mid air armbar reversal was slick as owl shit. Really made me want to see more of everyone, and got me excited about a bunch of singles and trios matches that probably won't happen.

Black Terry/Dr. Cerebro/Negro Navarro v. Judas el Traidor/Magnifico/Ăšltimo Vampiro Coliseo Coalaco 6/5/11-GREAT

Really enjoyable match with the badass team of IWRG Maestros taking on a team of Coalaco regulars. Most of the first fall has Terry working a long matwork section with Judas el Traidor (I still have no idea why people continue to team with that guy, he pretty clearly can't be trusted. If he turned on Jesus, he will turn on Magnifico). That is the role traditional reserved for Navarro and it was cool to see Terry break out his twisting and torturing. I especially liked his figure four hammerlock variation. Judas (who was getting JUDAS! JUDAS! chants from the crowd...Too Soon) was right there hanging with Terry. We get a quick second fall, and then a pretty exciting fast moving Tercera. Ultimo Vampiro looks like he has been sucking on some high cholesterol blood, but was damn agile, flying all over the ring. They had a pretty amped up near fall section, which included Navarro murdering Vampiro with a nasty released German suplex, which is something I hadn't seen him bust out before. Navarro, Cerebro and Terry are three of the top ten wrestlers in the world and it is really fun to watch them work with new guys.


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