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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Reg Trood v. Clay Thomson 12/30/72

I am not a huge Twitter guy, but the technology has totally justified itself with William Regal recommending obscure World of Sport matches on youtube. This is from 1972 and is contested between two guys I had never heard of. Thomson is the veteran from Scotland with kind of gray pompadour which made him look like a TV presenter who might be a flummoxed by The Clash. Trood is British with a brown bowl cut which makes him look like a put upon dockworker in East Enders. This is a true World of Sport style match which is very much it's own unique thing. Story of the match is pretty cool, Trood gets Thomson in a headscissors which he sells by coughing and choking like the Silk Cuts have finally caught up to him. The next couple of round are all about Thomson the veteran champion being off his game and damaged, and how he works his way back into control. The whole match was worked around tight holds with minimal flourishes like you might see in a Johnny Saint match. Probably not for everyone, but I really enjoyed it and fans of grappling would enjoy it. Big ups to Lord Regal for the recommendation.


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