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Sunday, August 08, 2010


Chase Burnett v. Malcom Sunshine BTE 9/2/09

This is a pair of indy guys working a falls count anywhere match in the parking lot of a Metal festival. Burnett is a guy who worked as a member of Team Beyond Wrestling in EVOLVE and is a tiny guy with some fun moves and some crazy bumps, I had never seen Sunshine before, he is a fat guy with an dirty looking Afro and tie-die shirt. He gets announced and almost sheepishly yells to the crowd "smoke weed every fucking day." He worked pretty stiff, but looked like he had the cardio of someone who smokes weed every fucking day. Burnett is a complete lunatic bump freak, he takes the Chris Hamrick/Fuerza bump on asphalt as well as getting giant swung head first into the guard rail. Half way through the match Cannibal Corpse starts their set, and the rest of match is worked to a death metal soundtrack, which really works with the headrops and elbows to the face. This isn't a great match by any means, but if you can't enjoy two dudes winging chairs at each others faces and doing dives onto asphalt while metal heads curse at them, and Cannibal Corpse is playing, then stop watching wrestling.


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