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Thursday, August 05, 2010

IWRG 11/19/09

We are back to finishing off the final run of Alfredo 2009 IWRG

IWRG on Segunda Caida

Gemelo Fantastico I/Gemelo Fantastico II v. Keshin Black/Menfis

TKG: Last time we saw Menfis he was in a match with Cerebro Negro and he looked like shit. But put him in match where he is surrounded by nothing but incompetent and you get a sense of what (little) he brings to the table. He works like an 80s/90s era WWF heel: some low level shtick and complaining to ref ,super loose offense and lots of exaggerated self controlled bumps that have nothing to do with opponents offense. I have no problem with guys putting up their hands to protect themselves on a chair shot, but I think Keshin Black put up his hands both for a front cracker (if your afraid to take a front racker IWRG may not be the fed for you) and to block the wave dick on opponents face taunt. Its a taunt, its not real, Jeremy Borash works for TNA.

PAS: It is amusing how little the current Gemelos look like each other. One of them has gotten roid bitch tits and has gelled his balding hair in a ridiculous fashion, the other one has more of a belly. If identical twin wrestlers whose only attribute is their identicalness stop being identical then maybe they should stop showing up on my TV.

Bushi/Freelance v. Avisman/Hijo del Signo

TKG: This is a match built as a Bushi showcase on a day where Bushi looked completely off and everything he did looked messy. So we have two falls of Bushi: just bad Bushi showcase stuff (where Freelance is hanging low). This is followed by a third fall with an awesome spectacular Freelance run. They do a faces accidentally hit each other and in the process trip up the ref spot leading to Avisman martineteing Freelance. Lucha doesn't do a lot of ref bumps and when they do it often looks awkward but this one was really well executed. They follow this up with Bushi beating heels one on two and it's an odd booking, where you have this cool angle but then have to get the other guy over strong.

PAS: This is worth watching for the third fall Freelance performance where works a section with Avisman which is just beautiful. There is one headscissors that was especially gorgeous, he also hits a really pretty dive. Still five minutes of amazing Freelance doesn't make up for 17 minutes of stinky Bushi

Black Terry/Cerebro Negro/Dr. Cerebro v. Oficial 911/Oficial AK47/Oficial Fierro

TKG: This was a really huge Black Terry performance and a pretty great match. First fall starts with some extended mat work (Terry matching up with 911 and Dr Cerebro matching up with Fierro) and then goes right into brawling with long section of the Oficiales isolating an opponent and triple teaming them that continues into second fall.Second fall has Dr Cerebro eventually force the Terribles Cerebros comeback and a long section of them roughing up the Oficiales by isolating and beating them down. They do a neat booking where after a double team powerbomb into knee and a nasty shoulderbreaker, 911 runs to ringside doctor as other two Oficiales try to protect him, and then Oficiales are left man down. Cerebros exploit that and absolutely abuse the other two Oficiales during the power play, until bandaged 911 comes out to make the save only to have Terry rip off the bandage and force him to submit. Terry was a huge star throughout this thing. We don't get to a ton of chances to see Terry work the type of slick dominant matwork that he worked in the first fall (Fierro also surprised me in how good his opening exchange opposite the Dr looked). Terry was also an absolute star during the Oficiales triple team section. As he is great at selling a beating while daring his opponents to come after him harder. The type of long triple teams that the Oficiales do require that opponents sell that they are too beat up to interfere for a while. And Terry is really great at selling while partners are taking a beating. A guy like Cerebro Negro is super great at being fired up and attacking only to get beat, but will stand around lazily looking distracted when his teamates are being beaten. Terry is always doing something. Terry also came off really sadistic and vicious when his team was on the attack. There was one point where he was just kicking the inside of an Oficial's leg on the floor and it looked like the Oficial was going to be Uriah Fabered. There were a bunch of awkward and blown things in this match. But Terry and 911 delivered such a huge performances that it didn't matter.

PAS: This was right on the cusp of being an epic match, the performances by Black Terry and 911 here are as good as any IWRG performances I have seen. The booking is really weird, this is a rudo v. rudo matchup and it is pretty strange to have the real Ricky Morton performance by 911 in this kind of match. Especially because the crowd seemed to be more behind the Cerebros, still 911 and Terry were so great they overcame the weirdness of the booking. Terry ripping off the bandage and twisting the fuck out of his shoulder was spectacular. Unfortunately the other four guys in this match seemed a bit off and that kept this out of truly rarefied air, well worth picking up the show

Angelico/Hijo del Lizmark/Ultramán Jr. vs. Gringo Loco/Máscara Año 2000 Jr./Tóxico

TKG: Mascara Ano Dos Mil comes in with a awesome ring jacket. Like a smoking jacket with beautiful pattern on the outside. Meanwhile Toxico barely lights his gun. What's the point of Toxico if he's not going to do an elaborate in ring entrance thing? I expected this to be absolute dog shit and this way exceeded my expectations by being a little better than mediocre. Gringo Loco does an amazing job of eating Angelico's stuff. This is the most Gringo Loco has felt like a great mini rudo, just a guy who can eat and eat and eat stuff. Ultraman Jr had a huge dive and a bunch of nice moments but his dad really needs to teach him how to throw hands because he really is understated and fades into the background.

PAS: I think we can add Gringo Loco to the small group of guys who can make Angelico look trained. He makes the mat work look like mat work, takes an awesome bump on Angelicos questionable looking spring board SUWA dropkick. He was also bumping around for the other technicos in this match, singularly dragging this to the land of slightly above average.

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