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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Black Terry Asks Me to Enter, But Then He Makes Me Crawl

Black Terry/Dr. Cerebro/Cerebro Negro v. Trauma I/II/Negro Navarro IWRG 4/4/09- GREAT

PAS: This was your Xochmilco revancha match, and worked as a brawl. They pretty much went after each other head on the entire match. Navarro was amazing here, just brutalizing everyone he was in the ring with. There was a point where he had Terry in the corner and he just unloaded with combos and finished up with a nasty headbutt, great stuff. I liked the rudo trickery, with Black Terry faking a foul to win a fall, and Navarro coming back to rip off the mask of his own son to DQ the rudos. Pretty great brawling by everyone else too, as Trauma II is starting to develop the asskicker which he is unleashing in 2010. I think we only get the last two falls here, which is a shame, but what we get is damn great.

TKG: This is JIP but I still counted three falls. This is an absolute blast. One of the things I picked up rewatching these four matches is that Cerbro Negro really contributes a bunch more in these Xochimilco matches then he did in the Naucalpan series. In Naucalpan he really felt like the third wheel. In Xochimilco he is a blast working almost a Dougie Gilbert type role. He isn’t as tough as Dr Cerebro, or Black Terry but he is a dick who will run in to sneak his shots in, then run away. He bumps around a bunch stoogeing constantly getting caught in the wrong place.

Black Terry/Cerebro Negro/Dr. Cerebro v. Oficial 911/Oficial AK47/Oficial Fierro IWRG 11/9/09- GREAT

TKG: This was a really huge Black Terry performance and a pretty great match. First fall starts with some extended mat work (Terry matching up with 911 and Dr Cerebro matching up with Fierro) and then goes right into brawling with long section of the Oficiales isolating an opponent and triple teaming them that continues into second fall.Second fall has Dr Cerebro eventually force the Terribles Cerebros comeback and a long section of them roughing up the Oficiales by isolating and beating them down. They do a neat booking where after a double team powerbomb into knee and a nasty shoulderbreaker, 911 runs to ringside doctor as other two Oficiales try to protect him, and then Oficiales are left man down. Cerebros exploit that and absolutely abuse the other two Oficiales during the power play, until bandaged 911 comes out to make the save only to have Terry rip off the bandage and force him to submit. Terry was a huge star throughout this thing. We don't get to a ton of chances to see Terry work the type of slick dominant matwork that he worked in the first fall (Fierro also surprised me in how good his opening exchange opposite the Dr looked). Terry was also an absolute star during the Oficiales triple team section. As he is great at selling a beating while daring his opponents to come after him harder. The type of long triple teams that the Oficiales do require that opponents sell that they are too beat up to interfere for a while. And Terry is really great at selling while partners are taking a beating. A guy like Cerebro Negro is super great at being fired up and attacking only to get beat, but will stand around lazily looking distracted when his teamates are being beaten. Terry is always doing something. Terry also came off really sadistic and vicious when his team was on the attack. There was one point where he was just kicking the inside of an Oficial's leg on the floor and it looked like the Oficial was going to be Uriah Fabered. There were a bunch of awkward and blown things in this match. But Terry and 911 delivered such a huge performances that it didn't matter.

PAS: This was right on the cusp of being an epic match, the performances by Black Terry and 911 here are as good as any IWRG performances I have seen. The booking is really weird, this is a rudo v. rudo matchup and it is pretty strange to have the real Ricky Morton performance by 911 in this kind of match. Especially because the crowd seemed to be more behind the Cerebros, still 911 and Terry were so great they overcame the weirdness of the booking. Terry ripping off the bandage and twisting the fuck out of his shoulder was spectacular. Unfortunately the other four guys in this match seemed a bit off and that kept this out of truly rarefied air, well worth picking up the show

Black Terry/Dr Cerebro/Hijo Del Signo v. Negro Navarro/Trauma II/Barba Roja IWRG 3/11/10-GREAT

TKG: The first time I saw this match I remember being very happy with it. Your Thursday show Traumas,911 v tecnicos set up a Traumas v Oficiales rudo v rudo feud for the Sunday shows (after 911 disappointed the Traumas and they attacked him post match). And this Trauma, Navarro, Barba Roja v Terry, Cerebro, Hijo del Signo one set up a Traumas v Piratas feud for the Thursday shows in a similar but very different way. Neither of those feuds ever really materialized beyond one or two matches and so it’s kind of harder to talk about a match that I originally dug as cool slow build to feud when the feud never took off. But basic premise here is that this is a rudo v rudo match built on sportsmanship and guys trying to prove their skills to each other. It starts with a first fall built around the two veteran anchors trading technical moves: matching complex armdrag variation with complex arm drag variation, monkey flip variation to monkey flip variation, rolling arm take down, to rolling arm take down, etc. Second fall has Cerebro and Trauma II matching up exchanging technical holds and escapes with Terry and Navarro loudly coaching their protégé’s “Hey he’s in the ropes”, “bah that’s cheap, etc.” Then Navarro matches up with Signo and Terry matches up with Barba Roja doing technical exchanges with the veterans challenging their opponents “show me what you got kid”. The fall ends with Barba Roja laying down rather than eating a Terry punch. Barba Roja’s pussy move changes everything. Navarro and Terry are blown “What the fuck was that shit”. Terry challenges Barba Roja “ok wait you don’t want to be hit…can you hit someone? C’mon and hit me” while Navarro is disgusted and refuses to tag with Roja. Barba Roja ads further insult with a couple of miscommunication spots where he hits his own partner and eventually says “fuck it, if you’re pissed at me, let me give you a reason to be pissed at me” and deliberately hits own partners. It is an amusing angle and for it to work all the other rudo v rudo stuff has to be pretty heatless (no one else’s feelings can be hurt—there isn’t the usual build from friendly exchange to anger). While I'm normally not the biggest fan of this kind of horseshit angle which often distracts from a as a result of the horseshit we get a fun Navarro v Terry technical match up, a neat lil Navarro v Hijo del Signo one and a tough Navarro v Dr Cerebro set of exchanges that I can’t imagine us getting in any other context.

PAS: I liked this match a bunch, Tom didn't even mention the spectacular Cerebro v. Trauma II mat exchanges which were tricky, elaborate and nasty looking. I really get the sense those two have an amazing singles match in them if that ever gets lined up. When the match got a little out of control it was great to see these guys lay into each other. Navarro just cracks Barba Roja with a right hand, Navarro brawling isn't very common, and you kind of forget what a beast he is when he starts throwing hands. The angle stuff takes the actually match down a bit, you aren't going to have a classic when the focus of the match is partners turning on each other, but this was about as good as something like this can be.


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