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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IWRG 2/4/10

Brazo Metalico Jr/Platino v. Commando Negro/Keshin Black

PAS: Another solid undercard tag match, the kind of match where no one particularly stood out good or bad. Brazo Metalico Jr. hit all of his highflying stuff well, he is pretty similar to Imperial, although taller, and it will be interesting to watch their simultaneous development. Platino looked pretty good too, solid on the mat and on his feet.

TKG: Who the fuck is Platino? Cubsfan has this match listed as being Brazo de Platino and Brazo Metalico, but that guy isn’t wearing a Brazos mask. He’s wearing a Metalicos mask. No way is he original Platino but he is a guy who looked like he had been wrestling at minimum five years longer than Commando Negro. Like a contemporary of of Commando Gama or Macho II. I would kind of like to see Platino v Macho II exchanges. It kind of threw off the normal rookie undercard rudos control rookie undercard faces formula.

Torneo Cibernetico: Avisman/Black Terry/Bombero Infernal/Dr. Cerebro/Gringo Loco/Hijo del Pantera/Las Traumas I y II v. Alan Extreme/Dinamic Black/Eros/Guizmo/Hijo del Signo/Imperial/Maldito Jr./Samoth

PAS: This was young guns v. IWRG regulars and was a bunch of fun. Had surprisingly few botched spots for a match with so many green guys in it. Black Terry starts it out with Hijo Del Signo and they rip it up on the mat. Terry was so great in both his mat and later brawling sections, he had so much fire and energy. Bombero Infernal was back with a vengeance here, he had this real reckless energy about him, he seemed totally out of control on all of his bumps, almost felt Jerry Estradaish, he started the dive train with an insane looking tope where he almost went vertical. Imperial and Dinamic Black were the stand outs on the youngsters team, both guys flipped and spun around, and broke out big time dives too. I am starting to really dig all of Dinamic Blacks crazy springboards, he really has tremendous balance, and if he can smooth out the other parts of his game, he could really be special. Gringo Loco looked off here, he may still be suffering from KOing himself on Sunday. They had some dissension between him and Black Terry and I hope his head is right for their cage hair match.

TKG: This was a blast. I want to 100% back Phil on Bombero Infernal. This is a match filled with nutty rookie highflyers bumping around trying to get noticed. Still the nuttiest highflyer may have been Bombero Infernal. There was no sense of batting order. Truama I didn’t come into the match till long after other guys on his team had been in 2/3 times. When Trauma I did come in he was super impressive, eliminating Imperial, Maldito Jr and Dinamic Black (with an Argentine Backbreaker into over the knee backbreaker that every indy “powerhouse” wrestler should steal), and also had a fun section with Hijo Del Signo. Signo is working as a “Nueva Estrella” so maybe he should be considered in out monthly NKOTB votes, and he really impressed. He was booked really strong, getting two pins and being the last guy in for his team. The advantage of being booked strong is that you look strong. Disadvantage is that type of booking can really expose a rookie. Signo didn’t look exposed. He had multiple fun sections with Terry, Trauma I, Bombero Infernal, and Dr Cerebro. Signo just comes off really comfortable in the ring and eats brawling stuff really well. Every time he matches up with someone they will knock him for a loop and he is a guy who has multiple ways of splaying himself while resisting getting knocked for a loop.


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