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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

WWE 305 Live: Bigelow! Typhoon! Mark Henry! Undertaker!

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Typhoon WWF Raw 5/10/93 - FUN

ER: It's really good to know Vince and I are on the same page, as he flat out says "speaking of all that beef". Now, I skimmed the episode to get to this match, so I have no idea what anyone could have been speaking about concerning "all that beef", but I'm sure he's not wrong. And this is filled with big beef slamming into each other. Some of the strikes were a little lacking (there was a miscommunication on one, other times Bigelow throws these not punches/not forearms that are disappointing), but all the good stuff was there. Typhoon hits a big bodyslam, Bigelow hits an even bigger and super impressive back suplex (Typhoon never looks like he goes up easy for offense, so this lift was quite a feat)...and in an amusing moment Typhoon springs back to his feet to hit a lariat that sends Bigelow FLYING out of the ring. He went through the middle ropes so quick and he just dropped out of view, swallowed by the earth. We got two different fun moments of each man trying to get back in the ring (dug Typhoon's knees first bump dropping onto the ring steps), and the finish is cool with Bigelow muscling him up AGAIN, this time for a big ass Samoan drop (which Vince points out was Bigelow sending a threat to Tatanka) and hitting the diving headbutt. This was what you'd want.

Undertaker vs. Mark Henry WWE Smackdown 1/30/09 - VERY GOOD

ER: This wasn't too far away from being a real classic, settling instead for an awesome 5 minute match. Taker starts by lacing into Henry with nice attacks, big shots to batter Henry around the ring, works over his arm and climbs up for Old School...but that's when things jump up to awesome. Henry catches Taker in a bearhug, cuz he's taking old school to night school! Henry throws Taker in the corner and lobs big hands at the side of Taker's head. That's the kind of thing I came here to see. Henry also hits an all time great elbow drop, looking like someone just dropped a couch on Taker. Henry hits a big clothesline to the floor, Taker lands on his feet and boots Tony Atlas in the damn chest! Tony Atlas out here taking bumps on the floor at 55! The finish of this is far too abrupt, as Taker just decides to lock on his bad triangle (seriously the set up of this one is among the worst of Taker's fake MMA stuff, even losing Henry's arm in the process), but the bulk of this ruled.


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