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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Episode 153

Episode 153

Aspyn Rose vs. Willow Nightingale

PAS: This was pretty competent, and a better Rose performance then we have seen before. Rose still tries somethings she can't pull off, but less of it, and some of her strikes looked pretty good. I liked Willow Nightingale, she looks like Jill Scott and uses her thickness well, stuff landed solidly and her finishing Death Valley Driver was really nasty looking. Would dig seeing her again, and I imagine a match against SIS would be really good.

Zane Dawson/ Dave Dawson vs. Ray Kandrack/Mike Mars

PAS: I enjoy big boy tag matches, and one of the great things about CWF is the number of big boys available. This is four of their lower tier hosses, but it still going to be pretty thudding. They get most of the heat on Mike Mars, and he is still a little green in the ring (certainly at playing Ricky Morton) and the finish was a bit wonky, but we got some big shots and I dug the Mars/Kandrak double headbutt.

Logan Easton Laroux vs. Cam Carter

PAS: This was really good juniors wrestling. Carter is really athletic and has some impressive flips and feints, really great body control. Laroux is really good at using shortcuts and tricks to keep himself about water. This was a flashy technico against a solid rudo, a tale as old as wrestling itself and one told well. I really liked some of the little beats here. Laroux threw an intentionally weak chop and Carter responded with an open hand heart stopper, I also dug how Laroux tried to force down Carters arm when he was hulking up in a sleeper. I also really like Carters weird mule kick to the face. I did think the finish was a bit abrupt although Carters second rope 450 is cool.  If this had a better finish run I could have easily seen it make a 2018 MOTY list.

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