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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Low-Ki Advent Calendar Night 5: Ki vs. Brain Damage

Low-Ki vs. Brain Damage IWA-DS 9/1/07 - GREAT

PAS: Brain Damage is a death match guy and this was attempt to recreate the Low-Ki vs. Necro Butcher magic (fellow 2000s Indy legend Daniel Bryan has been locked in a long losing feud with Brain Damage). It wasn't that, but a giant thin headed death match guy is a guy who Low-Ki will kick very hard and kick him hard he does. At one point it looked like he legit dimmed him, as Brain Damage slumped weirdly against the ropes after taking a jump kick to the mouth. Brain Damage is a big guy and chucked Ki around a bit including a big powerbomb. I really liked Ki awkwardly stomping Damage sort of through a table which didn't really break. Parts were a little awkward, but it had plenty of tart chops and kicks and is definitely a spectacle.

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