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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Jose Lothario Fades Like Vapors You Actual Traitors

Jose Lothario vs. Gino Hernandez Houston Wrestling 1/9/79 - EPIC

PAS: Lothario who passed away earlier today was probably best known as the trainer of Shawn Michaels, but he was an absolutely tremendous professional wrestler, one of the great 80s babyface brawlers we have footage of. This match was one of his masterpieces, a gritty bloody brawl with both guy bumping huge, spraying blood, flying into the cage and throwing big hard powerful blows. Lothario was a great puncher, with each shot being dramatic and landing with a thud, he also threw a bunch of different versions, jabs, over hand rights and lefts, and nice side hooks. Every fall ending was violent, including Lothario nearly ripping Hernandez's arm off. I loved the final fall, with Gino hurling Lothario tailbone first into the turbuckle post violently, and coming off like such a badass surviving this kind of war. Great stuff and it is a minor tragedy that so much of this stuff is being held hostage by dollar store Layne Staley.


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