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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mess of Masa Saito

We needed more then one RIP post for this legendary asskicker (we have some cool HH's we are reviewing for New Footage Friday too) so I thought I would dig around the internet and review a couple of his cooler oddball moments.

This is a studio match, which starts with Saito and Sato (a paintless Great Kabuki) jumping Porkchop Cash and Bubba Douglas before the bell. Graham and Keirn come out to make the save and  Paul Bosch (who I guess was vacationing from Houston) starts an impromptu match. Really energetic quick scrap, with Saito and Sato really being a high workrate heel team and Masao Hattori running around like a Japanese Jimmy Hart. Graham puts on a figure four on Sato on the floor and they have a double count out. Post match they jump Graham and Keirn and then attack and beat the crap out of Hiro Matsuda who was doing guest commentary. Sato, Saito and Hattori come off as such a disruptive force, just tearing through the whole roster, I would love to see more of them as an act. 

Awesome short TV match. Dundee is the greatest studio wrestler of all time, he is a master of finding five different cool variation on a short match. This was about three minutes of super agressive takedowns and scrambling. This is the most Olympic I had ever seen Saito look, as he was just shooting in and throwing Dundee, including a spectacular looking dragon screw (earliest time I can ever remember that move) and a great head and neck throw. Dundee meanwhile was super fast in escaping and using his speed to get advantages. Jimmy Golden was seconding Saito waving around a handful of cash, and Ron Fuller runs out and pops him leading to money flying everywhere. Really would have liked to see what these two could do in a longer match, but this was a fun taste. 

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