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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Psicosis and Rey are Never Sweating Your Girl Cause She's a Skeezoid

Rey Mysterio Jr./Konan vs Psicosis/Damien 666 AAA 7/5/96 - GREAT

PAS: This was a cage match at a AAA sold show in Arizona which all of these guys worked after they had already left AAA. This was a total TJ style cluster fuck, with everyone hurling weapons at each other and taking silly bumps. In some ways it is a waste to have guys as talented as Rey and Psic working Tommy Dreamer matches, but if the guys are as talented as Rey and Psic they are going to be really good Tommy Dreamer matches. Psicosis especially takes a bunch of really nuts spots, he does a missed somersault legdrop with a chair underneath, which I am sure wasted his tailbone. Lady Victoria was in the cage the whole time and ends up getting VCR chucked right at her head. There is a dozen run ins at the end, including Halloween getting a pumpkin placed on his head to get chair shotted, the pumpkin falls off and he eats the chair full on the top of his dome. Enjoyable chaos, although the ECWizing of lucha was a bit much


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