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Monday, March 05, 2018

Dick Togo's Out Here By Himself, Ask Steve Jobs Wealth Don't Buy Health

Dick Togo/Sho Funaki/Men's Teiho vs. Masashi Aoyagi/Azteca/Tarzan Goto Indy World 7/22/98 - EPIC

PAS: Wild bit of violence which starts crazy and gets nuttier. Opener has Goto choking Wally Yamaguchi (Kaentai are in full WWE gear) and Togo comes out of no where to wipe him out with a dive. Goto is a rampaging beast in this though, hurling Togo through chair, busting him open, wasting him with clotheslines, just kicking his ass. We get some nice karate offense from Aoyagi, but this was basically a Goto vs. Togo singles battle with cameos from the rest. It is a trip to see Togo, a guy who normally is a dominant bully, play the tiny underdog. Man is he great at it too, Togo is such a versatile talent. Finish is awesome, Goto ties Togo to the ringpost by his throat with the ref's belt and and breaks a beer bottle. Aoyagi decides he didn't sign on for a murder, and makes the save, allowing Togo and crew to take out Azteca. I really need to get my hands on the Goto vs. Aoyagi war that this clearly sets up. Props to Jetlag for finding this, it was a blast.



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