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Thursday, April 13, 2017

This Happened a Year Ago and I Didn't Know: Keith vs. Cobb

Keith Lee vs. Jeff Cobb (Limitless Wrestling 5/28/16)

I just got done watching Cobb chuck Jaka around, and Lee chuck Tracy Williams around, and it occurred to me that these two must have crossed paths by now. And sure enough, they matched up in Beyond just a week or two ago. AND also matched up in Maine almost a year ago. And I'm sure their match that just happened recently is better, but we still get plenty of fun with their year old match-up.

As you click on the link, excited for the match, suddenly you notice something even more exciting: This is probably the biggest wrestling crowd any of us have ever seen. I mean, the attendance is small...but the crowd is...BIG. Almost every guy in the crowd looks like they're heading to an audition to play Kate's new love interest on This Is Us. Almost every guy in the crowd looks like they're heading to an audition for the new Pig Champion biopic that surely must be filming in Maine. The fed is called Limitless Wrestling, but I bet one of the limits is "the building needs to have an accessible scooter ramp". I had hoped the crowd would be more into the action, but these people clearly have too much on their plate. I mean the crowd is just so damn serious, many of them need to seriously lighten up. I've been to Mexico where there are "rudo" and "tecnico" sections for the fans to sit in, but at Limitless Wrestling I'm pretty sure I saw sections for "Gout" and "Considering Getting Gout".

Sooooooooo anyway, the crowd is amazing and I love professional wrestling. It takes place in a bingo hall/cabin, the kind of place where you play board games and sip cocoa when the ski slope conditions are too dangerous, and it's a couple of big hosses slamming into each other with abrasively terrible match commentary. What more could you want? Lee powers around Cobb early and throws some of his awesome big swinging body shots and launching Cobb with a German. Cobb wisely starts suckering him into attacks and dodging, capitalizing when Lee misses. Cobb hits his standing moonsault and crazy SSP that always looks like he's going to break his neck, and even tosses Lee with an absurd deadlift clutch suplex! That suplex my god. Lee comes back and grabs a double powerbomb before collapsing himself, and Cobb ends up getting a roll up for the win. Short match, but satisfying, makes me really want to see their most recent one.

And watch out Alabama*, Maine is coming for you! Slowly.

*I mean, I assume Alabama is fatter. It has to be Alabama, right?

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Anonymous Curt McGirt said...

Wrong Portland on the Pig reference haha

3:52 PM  
Blogger EricR said...

Ha! Dude has doppelgangers in all of the Portlands. Stephen King should write a short story about it. "A Pig in Every Pot"

4:23 PM  

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