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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Wednesday Morning War Games PWA: Team M.O.D v. Team Peach State

Team M.O.D. (J-Rod/C.J. Awesome/Kris Knox/Cru Jones/The Wicked Nemesis) v. Team Peach State ( Mike Jackson/Shane Noles/Tommy Too Much/Simon Sermon/The Ultimate Dragon) PWA 6/2/12

PAS: This was a loser leaves town match between team Peach State and the main heel stable, and was highlighted by a nutso performance by 62 year old ex-Crockett job guy Jackson. He was the first man in for the face team and wrestled the entire 35 minute match. His opening section with J-Rod was the best part of the match, J-Rod was a little generic looking but he had nice punches and went into a cage OK. Jackson was a complete loon, he does the Spoiler rope walk around the ring, and then insanely does a Spoiler rope walk on the top of the cage. Jackson also bled the most, took a couple of big cage bumps and even did a cage dive, no idea what his crazy ass was thinking. No one else really stood out, although only Ultimate Dragon didn't look like they belonged. Classic War Games ending with the heel manager getting beaten up and submitting. Lots of extra curricular post match stuff including Ultimate Dragon ( a long time Jackson trainee and dance partner) turning heel and Rick Michaels running out. This is the least of these I have reviewed, it goes a bit too long and there are some dead spots, still it is worth checking out, just to see Jackson's insanity. 

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