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Monday, April 10, 2017

2017 Ongoing MOTY List: Big Keith v. Hot Sauce

7. Keith Lee v. Tracy Williams EVOLVE 79 2/25

PAS: Another good Keith Lee match, unlike the Sabre match the night before, Williams tried to stand toe to toe with Lee hitting him with hard shots, but standing in front of a bigger puncher is never a good idea, and he gets smashed. Williams really bounced on Lee powermoves, huge powerbomb and got smashed with the firemans carry jackhammer. Lee is not working as a heavyweight with highspots in EVOLVE, he is working as a smashing machine and that works better.

ER: I really liked how this was worked. Hot Sauce is the promotion vet by comparison, but he's the underdog in every way, but facing a newcomer gives him an almost inflated sense of ability and he foolishly stands with this wooly mammoth. And Lee straight pummels him for the first several minutes. Williams keeps taking it to him but keeps eating all these shots to the back of the neck and big ol' clubbing blows, Lee even shows off and does an AJ Styles style fast drop down/fast flipping dropkick and it is insane. Finally Lee misses a corner charge (and misses it really great, jacking his chin into the buckle) and Williams takes over with all sorts of nasty shots. To buy into the size difference Williams really had to lay it in, and boy does he, laying in wicked elbows to the neck and some brutal lariats that looked like they should dislocate his own arm from his shoulder; his standing lariat to Lee's neck was especially nasty. Williams even hits a nice Angle slam for a good nearfall, grabbing him off the top to interrupt a moonsault that would have been sure death. But Lee keeps catching him, and Williams keeps bouncing higher and higher off the mat with each slam; Last ride powerbomb that makes the whole front row flip out, and that firemans carry jackhammer to finish things is just devastating. Killer performance from both.


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