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Thursday, March 16, 2017

CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Episode 95

Episode 95

1. Ethan Alexander Sharpe/Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham vs. Mecha Mercenary/Aaron Biggs

PAS: Rockingham is a guy from AIW, he is fine, but I am not sure why they are importing comedy guys, when they have plenty of their own. This was an extended squash, which is pretty literal when you have the Sandwich Squad. Thought this could have been a bit shorter, but I love watching fat dudes smush guys.

ER: So Rockingham is a spitting image of young Bob Mould, Sharpe is a spitting image of Greg Norton, and frequent Sharpe tag partner White Mike Jordan is pretty close to looking like Grant Hart. I'm not sure what to do with this information, but at minimum they should enter a costume comedy Halloween battle royal (I assume there are several feds in the area that run costume comedy Halloween battle royals) as Husker Don't, or as a Husker Du/New Day parody trio called New Day Rising. Is Bob Mould still a wrestling fan?

Anyway, this match was really fun. It was longer than I expected, which just means we got more time for big fat guy elbow drops and giant avalanches and fat dudes standing on guys. My favorite part was actually pretty early, as Sharpe squared up against Biggs, and Biggs just popped him with a jab. The jab was beautiful, and Sharpe milked the sale for everything. I liked Sandwich Squad not treating them like 100% jokes, as Biggs seemed to laugh off the shoulders to the gut in the corner at first, but as Sharpe kept them up he started grimacing more. But this was the Sandwich Squad show, and it was a good one. Both dudes have those classic One Man Gang tapered butts, so you know they're good fat dudes.

PAS: They have a bunch of interviews and video packages, individually all of them were good, and they got me excited for next week, but it was a long time between matches.

ER: I also got pretty hyped for all these upcoming matches. The Xsiris stuff especially was really good and the package on his upcoming fight with Smith Garrett was tight, simple, showed all the relevant parts to their story, really solid stuff. I'm not buying 7 feet tall on PB Smooth. I mean, unless Eddie Kingston is like 6'6". Still, I'm happy they keep finding random tall and/or fat dudes. The clips of Dominic Garini (sp?) looked really cool and it looks like Justice will get smoked. Excited to see how they work that match. 

2. Nick Richards/Chet Sterling vs. Arik Royal/Roy Wilkins

PAS: Lots of this I really liked, although I am not sure if every came together completely. Royal and Wilkins are an awesome team, I love heel Royal in CWF he is such a great shittalker, he is talking trash from the moment the bell rings, and even steals a ladies fedora and does a moonwalk. That works really well with Wilkins more deliberate asskicker style. I liked Richards in this too, he is a fun brawler and really goes toe to toe with both guys. I continue not to dig Sterling, and I though he looked kind of awkward when he was in, and I it seemed to fall apart a bit during the end run. Still the right team went over and I am excited to see Royal and Wilkins in the Kernodle Cup.

ER: I also liked this, while also thinking it fell apart towards the end. But I'm not sure things fell apart, as much as they just threw out traditional tag structure at some point. Right around when Sterling hot tagged in (and hit a nice shot on Wilkins as Wilkins charged across the ring), structure kind of went out the window. I can't say it hurt things, but it did feel a little more messy, chaotic. But I liked all 4 guys in this, and love the Royal/Wilkins tag team. Royal is a beast, and super charismatic, and I loved all his offense on Sterling, that mean ass tackle to end the match and that big Thesz press off the apron. He kept seeming like he would do these big moves to Sterling when Sterling was not expecting them, like Sterling's focus would be on Wilkins and then he'd get leveled. But I like Sterling's energy, really liked his reckless cannonball/blockbuster, and I think Phil may just dislike him because of his muttonchops (although he likes the very awesome Tyler Bateman so he's not opposed to silly facial hair. Hmmmmm). Richards always breaks out a new trick every time I see him, and here I loved him riling up Royal in the corner by just smooshing the palm of his hand all over Royal's face, getting him to charge at him. Wilkins does this spot that shouldn't work, where he yanks his opponent hard into the middle rope while he leaps through the ropes to the floor. And it shouldn't work! It looks like some garbage convoluted Marufuji spot, but I totally dig it. Meant to mention it in his match last week against Dirty Daddy, but forgot. But yeah, this was fun, really enjoyed everyone, and Royal/Wilkins should go really far in the Kernodle Cup,

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