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Monday, March 06, 2017

Wednesday Morning War Games: CWF Mid Atlantic - Team Destiny v. Team Dynasty 2/4/07

After watching the early 90s WarGames for the All Time MOTY list, I decided to check out some of the indy wrestling War Games available on youtube to see if there are any hidden gems. It is a hard gimmick to mess up (although WCW certainly tried in the late 90s). First up here is a War Games from new Segunda Caida favorite CWF Mid Atlantic

Team Destiny (Joey Silvia, Steve Greene, Jake Manning, Gemini Kid, Ty Dillinger) v. Team Dynasty (Ric Converse, Brad Attitude, Xrisis, Kamakazi Kid, Commissioner William T. Cross) CWF Mid-Atlantic 2/4/07

PAS: This was match with the Commissioners office being put up in a WarGames match, with Dillinger and Cross playing the J.J. Dillon and Paul Ellering roles as non-wrestlers (I know Dillon and Ellering used to wrestling, but you know what I mean). Lots of this was really great, I loved the opening section with a pre Man Scout Manning and Brad Attitude. Manning bleeds buckets, and Attitude has great punches and some really cool dives between the two rings. I also really liked Silivia who had some nutso athleticism, including maybe the best Scott Steiner backflip powerslam I have ever seen. They used the two rings really well, including an insane superplex from one ring to another.  I thought this match had a couple too many cage dives, that is a huge spot which is really diluted when four different guys try one. Finish also was a lot of booking, we get a run in and the heels handcuffed all of the faces to the cage except for Converse, the actual finish was awesome with Converse getting hit with a vicious chair shot, and as the heels threatened him again, Cross submits to save his career. It just took a little long to get there, the last seven minutes or so are just setting up for that final moment and we lose the momentum of the match a bit. Still overall a very entertaining version of this match with some really high highs. Well worth watching

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