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Saturday, March 11, 2017

All Time MOTY List Head to Head: WarGames V. Vader v. Fujinami

Tatsumi Fujinami v. Vader CWA 12/21/91

PAS: Nothing I love more then when a classic match like this shows up out of nowhere. Until a couple of weeks ago I had no idea these guys even matched up in Germany, and here it is. This is on par with the best singles matches either guy has had. Fujinami is really aggressive, taking it right at Vader including opening up with a slap in the mouth. Vader smashes him with some of those slightly harder then expected blows but Fujinami opens up his eye with a post shot and then really works over the eye including an awesome looking flying forearm right to the socket. My only real problem was the finish as Fujinami kicks out right at three which takes some of the steam out of the pin. Still a big time main event fight between two bad ass dudes.

ER: Wow. Right out of the gate I expected to not need to watch this match, as Vader enters through the crowd on a cherry picker, and then postures at the top of the cherry picker in his mastodon helmet as horror movie monster noises play over the PA. That's pretty much all I personally needed to call this the best match of 1991. I have never seen this match before, and was totally blown away. Had no clue they matched up in Germany, and I totally agree with Phil that this is on par with each man's best work. Fujinami is a guy who I acknowledge is a great pro wrestler, but he's not a guy I actively seek out. There's only so much wrestling time in the day. But this Fujinami? This was a Fujinami that I could get comfortable with. Not only did he stand up to Vader's absolute shit kicking like a boss, but then he brought it right back. Vader turned in an all time performance, lashing out at the crowd, beating the holy hell out of Fujinami, and leaning into all of Fujinami's comebacks. Vader flying body first into the ringpost was an incredible image, just this giant man barreling at an improbable speed and crashing into pressed steel. Fujinami blasts Vader with a hard plastic chair, both men throw some of the hardest lariats I've seen, the work all around Vader's arm and shoulder was awesome (and I also loved Vader powering through the arm work and throwing a lariat, just to boast), and I actually like the finish. Vader does a huge butt splash and eeks out a pin and then lies on the mat exhausted, while Fujinami is immediately apoplectic that he was this close to beating Vader, and came up short. Both men looked like the most violent kings.

War Games Review

PAS: This was really close, I think the War Games match had a couple more memorable moments, but this match didn't end with a failed center prospect cradling his little pal like a baby, this was an entire match with the big fight feel of the first part of War Games, and a hell of a discovery.

ER: I thought the WarGames was an extremely strong champ, and I wasn't expecting to knock it down to #2 in the first challenge. But this match was pro wrestling to me. This was all violence and passion and hoss absurdity. That should take nothing away from WarGames, as that match is incredibly special, and it's not like this is a blowout. But for me, Vader/Fujinami in Germany baby.


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