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Friday, February 17, 2017

2017 Ongoing MOTY List: Henry v. Braun

7. Mark Henry v. Braun Strowman WWE Raw 2/13

ER: Hell. YES. I loved this. We start with an epic, long staredown and the camera really put over the size of both men. And then Henry starts bullying him into the corner with shots, and Strowman pops him right in the mouth as the ref is backing Henry away. And from there Henry is staggering, really putting over that he is seeing stars and not seeing his enemy. And that's when Braun obliterates him with a clothesline. Henry takes a mammoth bump and that felt like a huge moment. Braun throws another killer right hand, drops a big leg, kicks Henry in the ribs, and locks on a rear choke using Henry's own bushy beard to strangle him. Braun hits a big standing lariat as he dips Henry, but then tries it again and Henry CATCHES HIS ARM! Henry fights back and hits a couple of stiff corner splashes, then hoists Braun up for the WSS...holds him for a bit....then falls backward. Braun hits an impressive dropkick, then lifts Henry up OVER HIS SHOULDER for the winning powerslam. Holy shit. I need a best of 5 series.

PAS: Very cool stuff, Henry is clearly still a great performer, with all of the different separate shows they are running, they should be able to find a place for him. Let him be a pro-US heel on the UK show or something. That arm catch was an iconic moment, and should have been in a PPV main event. Strowman is one of my favorite guys to watch, and he could really benefit from working with a guy like Henry who is so great at being a strongman wrestler. No reason this shouldn't be on every house show for a month.


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