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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Punch Jose Lothario Harder, Make Him Feel It

Jose Lothario v. Great Mephisto NWA Houston 1/18/74- FUN

This is a Brass Knuxs title match, which means that Lothario can throw hands. Mephisto has got quite a bag of tricks, he has a muslim prayer run gimmick, burkaed valet, loaded boot, the whole cheap heat casserole. Not much of a wrestler, but a lot of entertaining shtick. Lothario blows him out in the first fall, unloading awesome looking punches, busting open Memphisto, 10-8 round for sure. Mephisto gets a bit of an advantage in the second fall with Lothario taking a monster bump to the floor and Mephisto loading his orthopedic book. Third fall is more back and forth with Lothario selling a broken rib or punctured lung from the loaded kicks. I would have gone higher on this if Mephisto's stuff looked better, this was a great Lothario performance, but relatively one sided.


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