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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2016 Ongoing MOTY List: Terry v. Demus

38. Black Terry v. Demus 3:16 WMC 8/16

PAS: The 2016 Black Terry run continues as he grabs Demus out of CMLL minis hell and lets him brawl and bleed like a crazed Warwik Davis in a Mexican Leprechaun remake. They start out with some lucha exchanges, and Demus raises Terry's hand and cheap shots him, and it gets gritty. Demus throws him outside, smashes him with a chair and tries to open up his skull on a concrete pillar. By the end both guys are leaking and are doing a lariat battle. Finish has some unnecessary ref shit which may keep it from the level of peak 2016 Terry, but it was such a treat to show up in BTJR's feed. Well worth the 4 bucks.

ER: CMLL minis have seemed sadly uninspired for the last couple years, so it's terrific seeing Demus matched up against a guy like Terry instead of another opening match opposite Ultimo Dragoncito. Demus just seems like a weird guy, whereas Terry just seems like freaking Charles Bronson at this point. After this match and the Cavenario match I just want to see the old mustachioed avenger go up against a weirdo series of supervillains. It's fun watching Terry react to their quirks, and it's even more fun when we hit the inevitable, still inexplicable, violence. Black Terry is absolutely fascinating to me. He works so hard in these small little flea markets and boxing gyms, always ends up crawling around on the floor, punched in the face, hit with chairs, bleeding all over. How much money does he make for this? Does he have a day job? Once they roll to the floor questions just start racing through my brain, and sure enough Terry is bleeding and Demus raps him on the head with a dirty chair. Yeah, Terry gets some hands up but really only enough to prevent him from immediately forgetting math, that shot still blasted him. Before long Demus is bleeding and they're falling into fans, and we see poor BT's balls take another beating, and Demus takes a chestbreaker all laid out and right on the chin. There needs to be a documentary crew following Black Terry around.


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Demus had a fun match on yesterday's Puebla show. Worth checking out.

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