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Monday, May 23, 2016

2016 Ongoing MOTY List: Satanico v. Ultimo

20. Satanico v. Ultimo Guerrero Cara Lucha 4/23

PAS: Infernales explode!! Satanico in his late 60s and looks as good here as any footage we have of him. Guerrero continues his fun indy run, he still wrestles most of his CMLL matches exactly the same, but when he works indies he mixes it up a bit. Loved how smooth Satanico is on the mat, it is more basic then the tricked out stuff Navarro or Virus does but the execution is stellar. I also loved the out of ring brawling, Satanico still throws a hell of a punch. Finish was a bit goofus, and this was a bit short, but so awesome to see Satanico still rocking it out in his twilight years.

ER: Satanico is the same age as my father. Several years ago my father finally bought a riding lawn mower because he was sick of physically pushing his regular mower. And here's Satanico, looking limber as can be on the mat against a 45 yr old youngster. I really liked the mat game here, nothing was super flashy, but nothing looked rehearsed and still showed the old man could go. There was some amusing silly stuff, like Ultimo's weird crucifix surfboard, but Ultimo on these indy shows is awesome. He always breaks out little tricks he doesn't do at Arena Mexico. The last year of Ultimo indy matches has probably given us more Ultimo matwork than we've seen in his last decade in CMLL. And it's clear he's a guy who should be incorporating more matwork, because he wears it well. But I liked the pace this advanced, and I loved I spilling to the floor with Satanico dodging out of the way as Ultimo ends up doing his flying hip attack to a fan. Reminded me of when I was second row at an indy lucha show headlined by LA Park vs. Shocker, and two fans in front of me hightailed it out of the way right as Super Boy and his massive body crashed through their plastic chairs and onto my leg. It was awesome. Back in and Ultimo really headhunts Satanico on a lariat, and I actually liked the finish. Satanico was the maestro of the faulta when I first started watching lucha, seems like every week he was ending a fall of his trios matches with a nasty ball kick, so here we get a nice Cats in the Cradle moment with Ultimo kicking him in the balls to drop him, and Satanico returning the favor from his knees, then both guys lying there holding their balls for a few minutes.


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